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Make Craigslist… Nicer?

As many of you may know, craigslist is not the most visual-friendly form of site on the web. In fact, the whole thing is just downright ugly. While they undoubtedly could spice up their pages to make it nicer, they really just don’t have to. As of now, there is really nothing threatening to knock [...]


Groupon Goes to the Grocery Store

Recently, Groupon launched an interesting new addition to its business model. In two select markets, Minneapolis and San Francisco, the coupon giant offered a coupon for $40 of General Mills products. It was snatched up quickly, as the 4500 available coupons were gone by the early afternoon. This is the first time that Groupon has [...]

HTC Thunderbolt

HTC Thunderbolt Sells for $130 on Amazon

If you are a new Verizon customer, you were in luck over the weekend. Verizon was offering new customers the opportunity to buy the HTC Thunderbolt, Verizon’s new super-phone, for only $130 this past weekend. The deal was set to end Monday at midnight. Those who were lucky enough to cash in on this deal [...]


Apple vs. Samsung Battle Rages On

As most of you may know, Apple recently sued Samsung over its “intellectual property” disputes with regard to the iPhone and iPad products. More specifically, they were concerned with patent infringement and also what they called a blatant attempt to copy their products. This suit is really interesting not only because the two players are [...]


Buy an Audi, Get a Facebook

Apparently Audi fans are all over Facebook these days. In a recent study, Audi fans came out loads ahead of everyone else in terms of their page interaction. The study measures how many “likes” each brand got compared to the amount of customers. On average, businesses and brands get around 90-100 likes per 100,000 followers. [...]

iPhone Tracker open source application

What Exactly Does the iPhone Tracking Data Mean?

As many of you may have heard, it appears as if Apple is tracking your every movement via your iPhone. While that may be a bit of an overstatement, the cache log in the iPhone does provide a fairly detailed account of where you and your iPhone have been. The implications were severe enough that [...]


Google’s Groupon Begins Beta Launch

Google Offers, Google’s competition for Groupon, recently just launched its first beta-test in Portland, Oregon. Speculation about the project has been high for quite some time now, and hopefully the beta testing will offer a few more clues as to the nature of what will be offered. In addition to Portland, other starting sites will [...]


Angry Birds are back… again…

The success of the Angry Birds franchise is bordering on ridiculous. Rovio recently released the “Rio” version of the game. It is based off of the upcoming animated motion picture from Fox. In just 10 days after the launch of the new game, it peaked past 10 million downloads. At a rate of over a [...]

Republicans respond to Obama ad with social media

Republicans respond to Obama ad with social media

In 2008 the Republican Party was entirely outmatched in the campaign for president. The Obama campaign was heads above anything that the Republican scrambled to put together, and as a result, Obama is in the White House. With the first shots being fired in the 2012 election by Obama with his “are you in” campaign, [...]


LeBron’s Animated Series

LeBron James has made a series of transitions in the past year. He went from the King of Cleveland, to the media spectacle of the world with “the decision” and has now embraced his role as the NBA’s villain (especially to those from Ohio). His next title though is a little surprising. “Animated” will be [...]

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