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Get the iPhone 4 now or wait for the iPhone 5?

So that wonderfully time has arrived when my two year contract with my service provider ends! It is almost as joyous as Christmas, only because it seems like it has been so long since this day was last here. I have been lucky enough to use a Droid X on rental for the past little [...]


Obama launches 2012 campaign

One of the primary reasons for Barack Obama’s success in the last presidential election was his campaign’s outstanding use of social media and technology. He was able to distinguish himself as a modern candidate and amassed huge support via social media and online advertising, and the campaign is recognized as the pinnacle for the use [...]


Rebecca Black less annoying?

So unless you live under a rock technologically, you probably have heard all the hoopla about Rebecca Black and her song “Friday”. To get things clear, I absolutely hate the song. Almost nothing on this earth annoys me more than “Friday”. It makes “this is the song that never ends” from the Lamb Chop show [...]


GoDaddy CEO Blunder

GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons made an elephant sized blunder, literally, in public relations recently. Parsons went on a “management” hunt in Africa to take care of so-called problem elephants that were destroying the crops of a remote agricultural village. While the validity of this “management” hunt is certainly up in the air, Parsons made an [...]


Wirelessly stream video from your iPad to your computer or TV

Boxee has announced that it will shortly be releasing an app that will allow you to wirelessly stream video from your iPad to your computer or to your TV. For TV’s you will need a Boxee box in order to run the app correctly. For computers and the rest you will be able to stream [...]


OMG they added LOL to the Oxford Dictionary!

Perhaps I blame my generation for this setback, or maybe it was inevitable. I don’t really know what the cause is, but the Oxford English Dictionary just released its new version which included LOL, OMG and <heart>. As in, “I heart _______), something most commonly seen by the “I <3 NY” t-shirts. Now I understand [...]

facebook bans sale of mark zuckerberg doll 399×600 Facebook Bans Sale Of Mark Zuckerberg Doll

Facebook helps stop robbery

Natesh Bhakta was sitting in his room when he heard commotion in the downstairs of his home. He opened his door to see masked gunmen robbing his house and tying up his grandmother. What was the first thing he did? Post a Facebook status for help. Well technically, he grabbed his laptop and hopped into [...]


iTunes to offer unlimited downloads

Apple is apparently trying to negotiate with various record labels to offer unlimited song downloads. Thus, if you were to purchase a song, you would be able to download that song onto your various devices, without any of the current frustrating restrictions. I have recently frustrated by this as around 50 of my recently purchased [...]


Groupon to launch new deal offers

Groupon has been expanding at an astounding rate, and has recently been proclaimed as the one of the fastest growing companies in history. The sky is the limit though as they prepare to launch a new version of their daily deals called “Groupon Now”. This features will give the user an option between two choices; [...]


Delta starts check-in option to Facebook

You can now check-in for your Delta flights via Facebook. In the past year or so, Delta has expanded their check-in services to meet the growing prevalence of smart-phones users. The Facebook feature is a new step in their “easy to use” technology plan. Users can check in, print their boarding passes, view and share [...]

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