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Japanese nuclear plant launches Twitter page

The Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) recently launched a twitter page that allows users to follow the plant damages caused by the horrific earthquake. TEPCO is using the page to confer any information about safety concerns on radiation leaks. In its first day, the page had well over 200,000 followers. While you may want to [...]


Netflix to offer exclusive TV series

Netflix has seen a steady rise to recognition in the past few years, and looks poised to take the next step in their business plan. Recent reports indicate that Netflix has made an offer to host the remake of House of Cards, which features Kevin Spacey and is directed David Fincher (The Social Network). If [...]


Warner Brothers Movie Rentals on Facebook

I am not sure if I like the idea of this concept or not. Warner Brothers is launching a program where you can “rent” their movies on Facebook. The service costs $3 per movie, and allows you to watch the movie for up to 48 hours via your Facebook account. As an alternative to paying [...]


Microsoft Kinect vs. Wii vs. Playstation Move

Recently Microsoft just announced that the sale of the 10 millionth Kinect system. It took Kinect 5 months to reach 10 million sales, something that the Wii took nearly 2 years to reach. To be fair, the Wii console was at least $100 more expensive than the Kinect, but an impressive feat nonetheless. I am [...]


EcoATM: Ca$h for Recycling Electronics

EcoATM is a start-up based company from California with a new and innovative idea. Their ATM machines allow users to deposit used electronics to be recycled in exchange for a cash reward. The company has placed around 15 machines throughout California, and in one year these kiosks have facilitated the recycling of over 50,000 electronic [...]


Technology to Teach Toddlers

Technology will always continue its slow and steady march into our lives, but one of the more recent developments has been the introduction of tech toys into the learning environment. While it is certainly not too far-fetched to picture high school and middle school students using laptops and other various tech items for schoolwork, children [...]


Tweet About KRAFT Macaroni and Cheese and Get Free Stuff

In a new Twitter based advertising campaign, KRAFT Macaroni and Cheese is giving away loads of free stuff. The idea behind the campaign is based off the childhood game ‘Jinx”. This time though instead of “you owe me a soda”, the reward is free mac and cheese and a t-shirt. Any time that two individuals [...]


Do Work: Grab Your iPad

The iPad is the king of the tablet market and can be found in living rooms across the US. One thing that you may not expect though, is that the iPad is working its way into the boardroom as well. While it is still certainly a leisure item, the iPad has seen its share of [...]


Angry Birds Making the Move to Facebook: Definitely Bi-Winning

The masses without a smart-phone can finally rejoice; the Angry Birds are flinging their way onto Facebook. Recent announcements promise that the unbelievably popular game will be making its move to Facebook sometime in April. Everything seems to be staying the same with the game format, though there are certain to be some extra tweaks [...]


The Future of the Home Network

With the current trend in wireless internet enabled devices, I started to think what the future of the home network would be. Seamless integrated internet points are certain to be the norm, along with wi-fi extenders and other pieces that extend your wireless network. Even now I see homes with every room hard-wired for direct [...]

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