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iPhone Apps for Cheaper Gas

With gas prices on a steady incline lately, this could perhaps be the most useful app for my ever-shrinking wallet. Luckily the app store has my back. There are a multitude of apps for cheaper gas prices, but the one that seems to be the best is “GasBuddy”. They have the easiest to use interface, [...]


YouTube to Stream NBA and Other Sports?

So of all the tech rumors and other mumbo-jumbo that I constantly read about, this is perhaps the thing that has excited me the most. YouTube is apparently in talks with the NHL (yawn) and the NBA (listening…) to stream games live on the site. While I care about YouTube streaming NHL games about as [...]

images1 How Successful is the Verizon iPhone

How Successful is the Verizon iPhone?

Based on all the commercials and advertisements I would have thought that Verizon was on the verge of toppling Apple with the release of the Verizon iPhone. It seemed to me that the release of the iPhone to Verizon was almost as exciting as the release of the first iPhone (or the release of our [...]


What’s Next for Watson?

IBM super-computer “Watson” absolutely decimated his human competition in the recent Jeopardy challenge. However, a few years ago it couldn’t even answer most of the Jeopardy questions, and when it could answer it took hours instead of seconds to come up with the right answer. Obviously IBM has higher plans for Watson than merely dominating [...]


iPad 2 Revealed

So as many you tech-savvy (read: nerds) people like myself already know, Apple officially revealed the iPad 2. The new model features some new upgrades over the first model, and will ship to stores on March 11th.  The prices are the same as the original, $499 for the 16GB to $699 for the 64GB. With [...]


Watson Wins Jeopardy Competition, Anybody Surprised?

As many of you may know, the IBM super-computer “Watson” just finished up a three day competition series on Jeopardy. Watson competed against two of Jeopardy’s most notable legends, Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. The competition wasn’t even really close as Watson nearly doubled the scores of Jennings and Rutter. With the victory, Watson was [...]


iPhone 5 Rumor Mill: Keypad? Yes Please!

So I could probably fill a month’s worth of blogs on the different rumors circulating around the changes with the iPhone 5. One of the rumors that is consistently showing up though is the presence of a full physical keyboard. More specifically, a physical keypad of the slide-out variety. I absolutely love the iPhone, but [...]


Angry Birds in 3D?

So apparently the next step in the global takeover by the Angry Birds app game is a step into the 3D realm. This is just rumor and speculation at this time, but is definitely a revolutionary idea for the already massively successful franchise. Angry Birds has been reeling in the awards for app-games this year, [...]


EpicMealTime: Next Level Cooking Online

So I am sure some of you are aware of the awesomeness that is the “EpicMealTime” channel on YouTube. The creators are a group of Canadian cooks who concoct some monstrously unhealthy and yet so delicious creations. Basically they are living any college student’s dream life, one that includes copious amounts of alcohol and absurd [...]


Everloop- Facebook for Ages 8-13; Step in the Wrong Direction?

Everloop, a social networking site for ages 8-13 has plans to launch in a huge number of schools. The site is like a more “age appropriate” version of Facebook. It uses the same format, with a few important differences. The first is that kids have to have parental approval to sign up for the site. [...]

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