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An App That Finds Free Condoms… Seriously?!

The tagline of “there’s an app for that” just reached new heights. I am constantly prowling the interwebs for new and exciting blog material, and this was one that was just too hard to pass up. The app “NYC Condom Finder” is actually a real thing. The app scours New York City and provides the [...]


Computer Game to Help Young Kids Play and Learn Sports

FunGoPlay is a new online based computer game that doesn’t fall into the tag of a MMORPG or any of the traditional tags. It also does not promote the gamer lifestyle that most online games do; that of a life filled with empty Doritos bags, coke cans and hours of physical inactivity. FunGoPlay in fact [...]


LivingSocial or Groupon?

For those of you who watched the Super Bowl, the LivingSocial “deal addiction” commercial might have been the first time you had heard of the site. Groupon is the standard for deal sites, but LivingSocial is giving it some serious competition. Amazon recently invested a large amount in the company, and has seen some additional [...]


College Acceptance Probability App: A Good Thing?

Just a little background before I get into this. I have just finished up my law school application process, and probably the most stressful factor of this was “what school can I get into” and then the waiting game for hearing back from schools about admissions decisions. The last thing that I needed during this [...]


Facebook Office in Hong Kong, Will the Rest of China ever Follow?

In its effort for global domination, Facebook has just announced that it will open an additional office in Hong-Kong. The site is going increasingly global and its popularity world-wide is ever-increasing. This move opens up the question of if Facebook will ever reach the rest of China. It has been banned in China since 2009, [...]


How Yong is Too Young for Facebook; Michelle Obama States Her Case

I have seen this story plastered over countless different websites lately. First-lady Michelle Obama does not want her two daughters to use Facebook. I’ve heard responses to this vary from that the White House has a vendetta against the site, to the fact that Michelle Obama is stifling her girls’ growth. I wrote awhile back [...]


International Torrent Crackdown

Recently over 50 torrent sites were shutdown in an international sting. The crackdown was headed by the Motion Picture Association of America, in cooperation with another Dutch company. This was not the biggest crackdown on torrent sites in history, but was a substantial step in halting the process. The websites may have been shutdown, but [...]


White House Partners with Tech Giants for Start-up Initiative

The White House announced plans for its “Startup America” corporation, which will be a foundation of large companies designed at “growing entrepreneurship in America. The corporation will be headed by AOL co-founder Steve Case, and will be backed by other tech giants such as Google, IBM and HP. Many, if not all, of the most [...]


iPhone App Identifies TV Shows

An interesting new addition will hit the app store; INTO_NOW will launch their new TV show identification app. Similar to Shazam and countless other music apps, all you will have to do is set your device next to the TV and allow it to record 4-12 seconds of audio and it will tell you the [...]


Apple Changes Water Damage Policy! Hooray?

Recently Apple has changed their policy regarding water-damage on their iPods. Previously, iPods that had come into contact with moisture were not eligible for repairs under the warranty. The way that they would check this was through the LCI (Liquid Contact Indicator), a tiny piece located in the headset jack that would change color if [...]

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