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iPad 2 Will Have a Camera?! Who Cares…

Everyday I am flooded with reports about how the iPad 2 is going to have a camera. Every report seems to have gotten hold of some blueprint of the new iPad that is so “top secret” that  it makes it sound like they had to break into Fort Know to get a hold of it. [...]


Google Gets a New CEO: Changes in Store?

Current CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, is going to be replaced by one of Google’s two founders, Larry Page. Schmidt has been with Google for since 2001, and was essentially viewed as company “dad”. He was hired to bring experience to the young company (both founders were under 30) and did a fantastic job. Under [...]


Nike GPS Watch

Next up in Nike’s trend towards some new and innovative fitness technology is the Nike GPS watch. At CES this year Nike was more than excited to show off their new GPS watch that tracks user routes, times etc. The watch is set to debut in April and will likely run around $300 at Nike [...]


Toyota Entune: Apps on your dash

One of the more interesting debuts at CES this year was the debut of Toyota’s “Entune” technology. It links your smartphone with the touch-screen on the dash of your Toyota. All you need to do is download the app, connect your phone via Bluetooth and you are good to go. Entune allows you to run [...]


File Taxes on Your Phone

Adding to the list of seemingly endless uses for phone apps is Turbo Tax’s “SnapTax”. The app is a simple and easy way to file your state taxes. Now a word of not, only a few people (roughly 22 million…) are eligible to use this app. You can only file a 1040EZ form for standard [...]


Video Games – The New Gym

It’s the start of a new year and resolutions are fresh in our minds and for at least the next two weeks we will be dedicated to them. Number one on that resolution list for most is to lose a few pounds, something that is on the list year after year. This year though, the [...]


Healthy Lifestyles Courtesy of the iPhone

So you’ve hit the gym to start sweating off those pounds, and thanks to my earlier post you’ve seen how your phone can help you do it. Now it’s time to take things to the next level, it’s time to start improving your nutrition. Things like counting calories, deciphering nutritional contents and keeping track of [...]


Is our Facebook Addiction Really a Bad Thing?

Everyone constantly hears the statistics about how the world, and even more so America, is becoming Facebook addicts. Roughly 7% of the world’s population is on Facebook. That’s over 500 million users, half of whom are log in on a given day. 750 million photos are on the site, nothing is safe from public scrutiny [...]


Can’t Get Enough Sleep? Use your iPhone

Can’t Get Enough Sleep? Use your iPhone It’s the New Year, and along with your resolutions to lose weight and “be a better person” there might be one on there to get some more sleep. Surprisingly enough one of the easiest ways to remedy this may requires you to simply turn to your iphone. The [...]


Grooveshark: Music Revolutionized

“Music makes the world go round”. A phrase that has been around for ages takes on new meaning in today thanks to the website Grooveshark allows users to create playlists on the site from a wide selection that boasts “any song in the world”. While that may be an overstatement, the site is still [...]

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