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New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight? Turn to Apple and Nike

As the new year comes into stride, gyms are more packed than any other time as countless individuals try to shed those extra holiday pounds, or follow through with their New Year’s resolution to slim down. If you are one of the millions of Americans (myself included) who has vowed to lose weight in this [...]


Exercising Earphones: ZAGGsmartbuds an option?

As with most of you, one of my resolutions for 2011 is to lose some weight and spend more time at the gym. Surprisingly enough, two weeks into January I have held true to my healthier diet and to my workout schedule. With all my increased time at the gym though, I have learned a [...]


Congress Gets “Friended” on Facebook

As per my last blog post about how Facebook rules the world, Congress is entering into the modern world by broadcasting its opening session via Facebook. This opening session marks the change in control of the House from the Democrats to the Republicans. The new speaker of the House, Republican senator John Boehner (allow for [...]

Facebook Rules the World

Facebook Rules the World

Five years ago when I was a senior in high school I hadn’t even heard of Facebook. MySpace was around, but it was nearing its end. If you had asked me to give a definition of what “social networking” was I would have said something related to jobs or friends and connections. The thought of [...]

Angry Birds Sling shotting Into Toy Stores

Angry Birds: Sling-shotting Into Toy Stores

Since its launch in winter 2009, the “Angry Birds” game has been absolutely taking over phones and mobile devices everywhere. The next step for these mad little red birds is now going to be the board game circuit. Toy giant Mattel has announced that I will release a board-game version of the popular app in [...]

Hitting the Gym Don’t Forget Your Phone

Hitting the Gym? Don’t Forget Your Phone

It’s over a week past New Years and hopefully your sticking with your resolution to hit the gym. If so, then don’t forget to bring your phone with you. In the ever growing app market, there seems to literally be an app for every occasion. Fitness is no exception. Apple offers a plethora of apps [...]

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