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3D Camera

Tasty Tech Tuesday: Three iPhone Camera apps that kick trash

Whew it seems like this past weekend flew by. With all the Memorial Day vacations, I took a handful of photos on my iPhone. And if you know anything about me from my previous posts, its that I am addicted to Instagram and iphone-ography. I practically live my life through my iPhone camera. Well after [...]

Gigwalk explore

Gigwalk: The mobile workforce app

Sometimes I feel that keeping up my social networking profile is a job in itself. From updating my Facebook status, checking into FourSquare, Tweeting my favorite quote, and even reblogging a million posts on Tumblr its seems to consume a lengthy part of my day. Now what if you could be paid to do these [...]

the Sartorialist

Tasty Tech Tuesday: Top sites for trendsetters

Fashion has always been a love/hate relationship for me. I mean right now I am sitting in my house in sweatpants and t-shirt with my hair sloppily tied together in a pony tail. Blogging isn’t always a glamorous job, but when I am feeling adventurous and needing a change of scenery I will throw together [...]

Monster Light Disc Audio Dock

Three TRON inspired products

Did I really just watch Tron, yesterday? I think so. Not going to lie, I am secretly in love with the whole movie. From the graphics to music (Daft Punk), what didn’t the movie do right? So with my recent obsession I bring you three Tron products that I might be buying due to my new obsession. [...]

HTC thunderbolt

Three smartphones for the inner diva in you

When it comes to things being fabulous and functional, smart phones need both. Now when it comes to being a woman, sometimes its nice to have a device cater to the inner diva in you. From the techie to the inner nerd diva, there is a phone made to fit you and your diva-tude. Read [...]

ikoo scooter

Tasty Tech Tuesday: Personal Transporter Edition

I am a walker. Meaning that if I can walk there I will. I mean relatively close distances of course, I’m not going to walk 40 blocks.  With that being said I really wish I had something to aid in zipping around the city when I am feeling lazy. So in the celebration of it being [...]

MSI Wind Top

MSI Wind Top AE2070 the all-in-one must have PC

You could possibly say that I am one of ‘those’ people that love all-in-one products. Take for example my shower, the all-in-one shampoo, conditioner and body wash, or the all-in-one lipstick, blush and cheek stain stick. You name the all-in-one product, and I have probably used it. Now this is where you ask, why do [...]

Facebook Page photo tagging

Facebook Photo Page Tagging has Begun

Is it me or is the Facebook photo tagging getting HUGE? From being able to have Facebook suggest certain users according to their face recognition to now allowing the ability to tag pages (people, product, or brand pages as of now)  in your photos, its seems like there is nothing you can leave out of [...]

“Fairytale USB-stick Bracelets”

Tasty Tech Tuesday: Extraordinary USB memory sticks

I love little technology accessories. Whether it is a bedazzled mouse or a cute cover for my MacBook, I love those small accessories that provide a big punch of bling or even just creative functionality. So for TTT this week, I introduce four little USB memory sticks that are anything but ordinary. 8GB Swarovski Crystal Necklace [...]

Hangover Part II

Join in the Hangover Part II SCVNGR Hunt

Its finally here, the next biggest holiday to the Royal Wedding, the Hangover Part II premiere. Well in celebration of this huge event, SCVNGR app has developed a challenge for the premiere starting on Monday. SCVNGR is an app that is essentially a location based app that you use to check in to locations with, [...]

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