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Digital flashcards

Study Smarter on the Web

I didn’t know these existed until a little while ago. Before I discovered digital (online) flashcards, I would go out an buy a package of notecards, hand write all of my notes on to them, and then somehow manage to find more time to study them. Now that finals are coming up – this could [...]


Mobile Technology Improving Education

The vast world of technology has been changing our world. The invention of the telephone, television, cellphone, Internet, and computer have impacted our lives significantly. Recently, we’ve seen that mobile technology has been changing the rules of education – and even improving the education you can receive. Here are three ways that this is happening: [...]


8 Historic Tweets

“Some tweets document history. Others make history. Others simply serve as a zeitgeist for how our culture and communication are evolving.” Throughout these past few years, Twitter users have documented some pretty important things that are going on in the world, and even just in their own lives. There have been Twitter marriage proposals, a [...]


Jerry Seinfeld Online

Jerry Seinfeld, one of the most popular comedians of all time, has launched a website dedicated to housing all of his performances throughout the years. And this website,, was officially launched the last Friday morning. This site went live with three very funny, and very memorable clips: “The Fattest Man in the World” from [...]

Glee Concert

Glee in 3D

Great news for all those Gleeks out there! The FOX hit, Glee, is coming to theaters this summer. And not only is the TV show being made into a feature film, it is coming to the big screens as Glee! Live 3D! The major studio, 20th Century Fox, has announced a few days ago that [...]


Choosing a Laptop

Buying a laptop is always a daunting task. There are so many options, brands, models, and price ranges to choose from. There are a lot of considerations to take into account. Here are a few: 1. Memory: A good amount of memory, or RAM, to shoot for is about 4 gigabytes on a Windows computer. [...]


Recent Twitter Trends

1. Death of Osama bin Laden: This huge story broke last night and instantly lit Twitter up. There were an estimated 12.4 million tweets per hour sent as the news was unfolding. Twitter managed the load nicely and proved once again that it is a mainstream tool. 2. Royal Wedding: Duh. Who hasn’t been talking about [...]

Online Coupon

Best Coupon Sites

One of the biggest trends on the internet right now is getting your coupons online. Groupon is one coupon place that has been getting a lot of attention in the media. There are, however, quite a few great sites to get discounts for pretty much anything you’re looking for. Here are some great sites that [...]

Amazon Mp3

Amazon Offers $0.69 MP3 Songs

To draw attention away from iTunes and other music-buying sites, Amazon has launched discounted MP3 songs. While you may be worried that they are obscure, weird songs that only 10 people in the world would every want to download, they are offering chart-topper songs. Amazon was originally offering these songs for $0.89, which is already [...]

Desk Phone Dock

Desk Phone Dock

My parents recently got rid of their landline in favor of just using their cellphones. One less bill to pay – one less phone to answer. I completely support the idea. There is no sense in having a home phone, when most people never allow their cellphones to leave their hands or pockets. However, for [...]

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