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Working at Google

Google is a company that only takes the brightest and the best – and this is apparent when you take a look at what Google has done for the web in the past decade. Google has a bright future and while Yahoo! is laying-off people, Google is hiring. Google goes to prove that a career [...]

Digital SLR Camera Review

Best Entry-level DSLR Cameras

Digital SLR cameras are a great choice for the beginning photographer, as well as for those just looking to step up their home photos to the next level. Here is a rundown of the best entry-level digital SLR cameras on the market right now: 1.       Sony Alpha A230 ($349.00 – $489.99) - The Sony Alpha is definitely [...]


“Life in a Day”

Life in a Day is a YouTube sensation that told the story of a single day, July 24, 2010, through the eyes of thousands of people around the world. Creators of “Life in a Day” asked anyone with access to YouTube and a camera to record something from that day to document the story of [...]

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is a market that is has been growing dramatically over the past few years. The ability to send a message via SMS text messaging, mobile video, mobile Internet, and games makes this a great resource for brands and their advertisers. Companies are drawn to mobile advertising because of their ability to accurately target [...]


MyFord Touch

In early 2010, Ford released MyFord Touch, a new central control system for your Ford vehicle. The system is replacing SYNC, the less-advanced version of the control center in previous models. The two most important features of MyFord Touch includes: the ability to make your car a WiFi hotspot and HD radio. Mashable reports that [...]


A Beginner’s Guide to FourSquare is a social networking site that lets members “check-in,” “find friends,” and “unlock your city” through mobile technology. For users here is how it works: (1) To begin, you download the foursquare app onto your cell phone. This will link you to your facebook and twitter accounts so you can see where your friends [...]


Do You Need ZAGG?

Twitter has become a platform for celebrities, political figures, brands, and even the every-day-Joe. We have seen thousands of dollars raised for charity, movies re-tweeted line by line, and even marriage proposals. With Twitter, anything seems possible. One of Zagg’s Twitter accounts called @YouNeedZAGG is one of those unique Twitter accounts that has made a [...]

Macintosh 1984

Apple Computers Through the Ages

Apple, Inc. is one of the best-known, and most popular, companies in the world. I know I can’t wait to see where Apple goes in the future and what new products they will come out with. In light of their success, let’s take a look at some of the first models of the Apple computer. [...]

Smart Refrigerator

Future of Home Living

New technology is the past few years has been extremely innovative and has changed the way we communicate and gather information. Home decor and appliances are now following suit. One of the up-and-coming technologies that will become standard in the future, are refrigerators with information and media centers. One of the first brands to step [...]

REI Mobile

Mobile Shopping

Online shopping has become a popular and convenient way to buy items from your favorite stores. So, what is the next step for technology? Mobile shopping. Since mobile phones are becoming increasingly advanced and readily available to almost every cell phone network, it only makes sense that the next step for shoppers is to turn [...]

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