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Whopper Sacrifice

Successful Social Media Campaigns

In the world of digital advertising, it is not enough to merely make a facebook page for your company and hope people “like” it. People need incentives and something that will engage them in interacting with your brand. Take a few notes from some of these highly successful social media campaigns: 1. Burger King: The [...]

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a relatively new term for a live view (direct or indirect) of a physical, real-world environment that is altered by computer-generated graphics. For example, Lego started an augmented reality campaign in their stores in 2010. They had webcams hooked up to computers in the store and when you held up a Lego [...]



Foodspotting is a relatively new geolocation guide for those looking for great food. Their website claims it is “the easiest way to find and share the foods you love.” The whole idea revolves around finding recommended dishes, not restaurants. Foodspotting began in 2009 by a few founders who saw an opportunity in the market. There [...]



When people go out looking for an MP3 player, the first brand they turn to is Apple. Don’t get me wrong, I love my iPod Touch, but it wouldn’t hurt to look at other options — specifically the Zune. Those who have Zunes, love them. One feature they have is the option  to listen to [...]

Android Translator

Android Conversation Interpreter

Remember the days when traveling around in foreign cities meant buying either a translation book or your own interpreter? Of course we now have sites like Free-translator and Babblefish to help us out. Even Google has a translator online that is free and offers almost 60 language options for translation. These are all great tools, [...]

Verizon iPhone

The Verizon iPhone

AT&T, as well all know, is no longer the only carrier of Apple’s iPhone. Verizon has announced the release of the iPhone 4 on their network next month.  This is ironic, however, seeing as Verizon had originally turned down the iPhone back in the day. One big question many are facing is: “Should I switch [...]


IDG Forms Private Ad Exchange

IDG recently announced that they have formed a private advertising exchange site called IDG (International Data Group) is an international, venture capitol organization that deals with technology media, research, and event management. They publish over 300 magazines, some of which are: Macworld, PC World, and CIO. This site, TechMedia exchange, will facilitate the buying [...]

3d movies

3D – Is it here to stay?

In theaters right now we seem to be bombarded by 3D movies. The first big hit to jump-start the trend was Avatar – which I admit, was worth it. But then came the other ones: Alice in Wonderland, Clash of the Titans, Shrek Forever After, Toy Story 3, Narnia, and Step Up 3D. So, what’s [...]

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