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Mothers Day Gift

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is coming up soon, but it’s not too late to order that perfect gift online. Here are a list of the most popular techie gifts for your mom this 2011 holiday. Photo Print Books – Mother’s love sentimental gifts. And nothing is more sentimental than pictures in a book. Reliable sites, like [...]


More Free Android Apps than iOS Apps

No shocker here, the number of free Android apps has surpassed the number of free iOS apps. A Netherlands-based mobile analytics group, Distimo, has recently released a statement stating that there are 134,342 free apps for the Android phone. This is about 12,500 more free apps than are available on Apple’s iPhone. There are other [...]


Netflix Could Get More Expensive

Everybody loves Netflix. For $9.99 you can have access to pretty much every movie or TV show ever created. Who doesn’t love not having to worry about late-fees or having to drive to your nearest movie store to drop off your movie when you’re done? Netflix allows you to do rent and return movies right [...]

firefox 4

One Hundred Million Firefox 4 Downloads

One month ago Mozilla released its latest edition of the Firefox web browser series – Firefox 4. Within one day of its release, Firefox 4 had twice as many downloads than its competitor, Internet Explorer 9. Tonight, on its one month anniversary, experts say that it will hit 100 million downloads. “What’s more impressive is [...]


Mac V. PC Users

The debate between Macs and PCs has never been more intense. Both have their benefits, but what does your choice say about your personality? Your age? Your political status? How accurate have the Mac commercial been? You know, the one with the “hip, young” guy and then the “old, slow” guy. Researchers from Hunch took [...]



I’m heading out on a road trip to Texas in the next few days and I’ve been thinking about what’ll keep me busy on the road down. I’ve never listened to an audiobook before – believe it or not. But since this is the first time I’m making the 22+ hour drive, I figure this [...]

News Stories

Today’s Top Stories

Looking for technologies most recent top stories? Look no further. The following news stories happened yesterday and are fresh off the press. Enjoy a quick synopsis of each story. Amazon’s Troubles: Amazon’s AWS services are experiencing some technical issues. As a result, social media sites like HootSuite, Reddit, and Foursquare are experiencing some latency issues. [...]

Easter App

Top Easter Apps

What better excuse to download some new apps than this season’s Easter holiday? Here is a list of some of the top easter-related apps that will provide you, your friends and family, with fun activities. So, if you’re like me, and can’t wait for Easter to arrive, download these fun apps: 1. 3D Easter Bunny [...]


Facebook’s New Safety Features

Facebook has recently expanded their safety features. The new safetly features of the social network were announced last month at President Obama’s White House Conference on Bullying Prevention. Here are the new features: 1. Expanded Social Reporting Tool: This allows Facebook members deal with bullying or other Facebook’s terms of service violations. The Expanded Social [...]

Moshi Moshi

Smartphone Dock Does it All

The Moshi Moshio4i is dock that utilizes Bluetooth 2.1 technology that allows computers and mobile phones to be simultaneously paired through one device. The Moshi04i is a multi-functional object that works as a cellphone dock, a Bluetooth speaker, and a Bluetooth handset that allows your cellphone to act as a landline. The creator of the [...]

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