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Interns Hired Via Social Media

Summertime is rolling around, and internships are on every student’s mind. While most business stick to traditional candidate selection process (cover letter and resume reviews), some business are taking a fresh approach to hiring their interns. Thirty startups, all of which are in Dave McClure’s 500 startups portfolio, will be asking their internship candidates to [...]


YouTube’s Fresh Content

Is the Google-owned site, YouTube, following the example of Netflix? Possibly. About one month ago, Netflix announced that they have been talking about streaming their own exclusive programming – much like HBO. The video streaming and rental site has been trying to obtain the rights to the “House of Cards,” a classic U.K. political drama. [...]

Battery life

Computer: Shut Down? or Sleep Mode?

Those of us who own a laptop  are always trying to conserve the life of our batter. So the big question comes down to: Which is better?  Shutting a computer down all of the way, or just turning it to sleep mode. After I got my new MacBook Pro, I had the very same question. [...]

Cobra Twitter

Bronx Zoo Cobra Tweets

As I’m sure most of you know, New York’s Bronx Zoo had a bit of an accident earlier this week. They realized that their venomous Egyptian Cobra some how escaped from its cage and has not been spotted since. The 20-inch long snake is deadly and its venom can kill a full-grown elephant in 3 [...]

April Fools 2011

2011 April Fool’s Jokes

Google: Of course one of the Internet’s biggest players would do something hilarious. This year, they “created” Gmail on Kinect. That’s right, sending emails just got easier. Instead of typing your message, Gmail is offering motion-controlled technology to send out your email. For example, instead of pressing the “send” button, simply make a stamp-licking gesture [...]

L.A. Noire

Top 3 Games to Look Out For

Earlier this month, industry leaders and gamers got together for the East 2011 Penny Arcade Expo in Boston. Over 69,000 people turned out for the three day convention. Out of hundreds of games showcased, here a few that are the top picks for future hot-sellers: 3. Red Faction: Armageddon This game is a series that [...]

AT&T Merger

Sprint Speaks Out

Will the AT&T/T-Mobile merger create a monopoly? Will it destroy the progress telephone and cell phone companies have made since the Ma Bell duopoly many years ago? Well Sprint certainly thinks so. The cell-phone carrier, Sprint, has released a press release informing the public they are against the much talked about merger between two of [...]

Facebook Status

Facebook Status Tricks

Ever seen somebody tag their friends’ name on their Facebook status and you were curious how they did that? Well never fear, this post will give you all the tips and tricks to making the most out of your Facebook statuses. 1. Hide your status from a certain person or group of people. This is [...]


Mark Zuckerberg at BYU

That’s right folks, Mark Zuckerberg came to BYU to speak to the students at the universities from all around the Utah area. I walked all the way across campus, in the cold, wet snow, to hear the founder of Facebook speak. And let me tell you, it was worth it. The forum was set up [...]

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