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Youtube Animation

Animated YouTube Videos Beta Site

These days almost everyone has access to some sort of video camera. Whether it’s on your digital camera, your phone, or your tablet — video recording is  highly accessible. However, there are still plenty of people who don’t have video cameras or there are those who just don’t like to use them. Good news, for [...]

Retro Video Games

Flashback to the Past

We all had your favorite video games growing up. Whether we grew up with – 1. If you liked: Super Mario Kart (1992) You will love ModNation Racers on PS3 and PSP from May 2010. The reason is because not only do both games consist of go-kart races, but you can customize the look of [...]

Madison’s Must-See YouTube Videos

If you are anything like me, a great YouYube video will brighten up your day and give you material to quote from for weeks. Here are a few of my recent favorites that will no doubt put a smile on your face or give you a good chuckle. 1. Wisdom Teeth Extraction Aftermath You remember [...]


A New Feat for Watson

Remember Watson? Watson is IBM’s genius computer that competed in Jeopardy last February. Since his domination in the game-show world, his creators have been busy at work fitting him for some new tasks is the healthcare arena. IBM has set their sights high and have been working with Watson to get the computer to help [...]

Social Media Events

Upcoming Social Media Events

For those of you who are social media gurus, here are a few events that you will not want to miss: 1. March 23-24, Las Vegas, NV – Social Pulse 2011: This Vegas conference will give you exposure and guidance from the top marketing leaders from various industries. They will present case studies and insights [...]


Learnable: Anyone a Teacher?

Blogs brought about the idea that ‘anyone can be a reporter’. People still get their news from “unofficial” sources and blogs that provide an non-tradional look at the news. It has shaped the way people get news, and has even led to the downfall of traditional newspapers. A new era is about to arise with [...]


Doodle Jump Hits 10M Downloads

On the iTunes site, the “Doodle Jump” app bares this warning: Insanely Addictive! And obviously they weren’t kidding around. This popular iPhone game will be celebrating its second birthday on Wednesday, as well as celebrating reaching 10 million downloads. Doodle Jump is one of the all-time best selling iPhone apps of its generation. The game [...]

Top News Stories

5 Biggest Tech News Stories Summary

This morning has been chock-full of news stories for the tech world. Here are the top few: 1. Microsoft is no longer making their Zunes: Sad day, I have family who really love the Zune. But I can’t say I didn’t see this one coming. The Zune is a great device, it allows you more [...]

Wii Games

Must-Have Wii Games

Since Nintendo released the Wii gaming console in November 2006, it quickly became one of the top competitors in the gaming industry.  There are now a wide variety of games for the Wii out there in the market. It seems like every movie, celebrity, and character has a game (e.g. The Hannah Montana: Spotlight World [...]

Zite Online Magazine

Zite – The Smartest Magazine Yet

Zite is a new, free app that has been introduced for the iPad, some consider it to be the smartest magazine that has hit the market thus far. Zite is a personalized magazine that actually gets smarter the more you use it and is able to tailor itself to meet your needs. Zite can pull [...]

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