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How much will Microsoft sell its Surface for?

One of the most glaring omissions from the introduction of the Microsoft Surface tablet a month ago was any mention of its purchase price. Last Wednesday, the folks at Mashable noticed that the Swedish website Webhallen might have provided an answer. They listed a retail price for the ARM-powered Surface tablet of 6,900 Swedish kronor. [...]

Facebook App

Facebook Phone Coming in 2013?

Last week, Bloomberg reported that Facebook is working with HTC Corporation to build its own smartphone. The phone was initially planned to come out later this year but instead will arrive mid-2013. Citing anonymous sources, they also report that Facebook is developing a modified operating system that will be used for the phone. Additionally, they [...]

iPhone Dock Connector

The iPhone 5 Will Have a 19-Pin Dock. Stage 5: Acceptance.

Why another story on the possibility of a 19-pin dock connector? Because this time it’s from Reuters. Rumors have been swirling about Apple dropping the standard 30-pin connector that it has used for the majority of its gadgets for nearly a decade. When the story comes from such a reputable news organization as Reuters, it [...]

iPhone Hand

It’s Legal: Police may seize your phone and impersonate you

Be careful the next time you send personal information in a text message, you might be surprised who’s on the other end. In November 2009, police in Washington seized an iPhone belonging to Daniel Lee, who was suspected of being a drug dealer. While the phone was in the custody of the police, officers not [...]


Apple Admits “Mistake” and Rejoins EPEAT

Last week, Apple pulled 39 products from the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) registry. This launched a round of public criticism and talk from government entities, including the city of San Francisco, that they would no longer be purchasing Apple products. Apple responded with an open letter from Bob Mansfield, Senior Vice President of [...]

Internet Freedom

3 ‘Save the Internet’ Movements in 3 Days

Last week the ‘save the Internet’ movement got a serious boost. It started with a declaration for Internet freedom, was followed by a conservative response, and culminated with a resolution passed by the Human Rights Council of the United Nations. A Declaration of Internet Freedom sprouted up to coincide with America’s Independence Day. While not [...]

Yellow Jacket

The 650k Volt Stun Gun iPhone Case

Are you frustrated by the fact that your iPhone doesn’t have an app for personal defense? If so, Yellow Jacket has an answer with its iPhone case. Their case houses a 650k volt stun gun and provides up to 20 additional hours of battery life.  On its IndieGogo page, which is similar to Kickstarter, they advertise [...]

British Airways

Does British Airways ‘Know Me’ Too Well?

British Airways’ Know Me program is the first of its kind in the airline industry. Know Me uses Google images to ID some of its customers, so far it’s the first-class ones, before they even arrive at the airport. The story has started to spread through news outlets with some crying foul over the perceived [...]


This Portable iPhone Speaker is Made From Recycled Paper

A company called eco-made has released their first product, known as the eco-amp. Designed and constructed in Los Angeles, CA, the eco-amp is “an environmentally friendly iPhone speaker amplifier that is constructed out of FSC Certified 100% Post Consumer paper.” The eco-amp looks pretty simple to use and is a lot less bulky than larger, [...]

3DS XL Screen Compare

Nintendo Announces 3DS XL

Last week, during its Nintendo Direct broadcast, Nintendo announced a new version of the 3DS handheld gaming system to be released in mid-August. The system will be called 3DS XL in America and will retail for $199.99. The primary differences between the XL and the original 3DS are the screen size, battery life, and memory [...]

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