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How Tupac performed at Coachella

In 2010 Coachella audiences were graced with Beyoncé’s surprise appearance; this year’s guest however astonished festivalgoers in a different manner. Holographic rapper Tupac Shakur who died in 1996 performed his “California Love,” leaving everyone asking nothing but ‘how?’ MTV reports that the holographic performance took about 4 months to put together and usually holograms up [...]


Why Draw Something’s new features make us love it even more

The popular app Draw Something has proven capable of bringing out the artistic side in a lot of us, so it’s a bummer that we haven’t been able to share our impressive artwork. Fortunately, a few updates the game has taken on are allowing us to undo, share, comment on and save our drawings. Because [...]


Studies show your mom loves Facebook

Finding out our moms are on Facebook may creep us out, but apparently it’s more normal than we may think. A recent study shows that mom’s think of themselves as experts on social medias. Performics, a marketing firm that performs studies on 3,000 U.S. networkers, released their statistics that may have some of us surprised. [...]


How Twitter Saved A Man From Abduction

According to Ars Technica, a man was carjacked and thrown into the trunk of his car April 7 in an area new Johannesburg. Fortunately the man’s cell phone wasn’t taken from him allowing him to text his girlfriend and alert her of what was happening. Once his girlfriend was informed, she tweeted the license plate [...]

Chrysler Group LLC introduces industry-first in-vehicle wireless

Chrysler’s 2013 Dodge Dart Will Charge Your Smartphone Without Wires

Phone chargers for cars are great, but let’s face it: cords are obnoxious and can get in our way while driving. We know this, and Chrysler has realized it too; which is why they’ve come out with wireless phone charging to cars. The wireless charging begins with Chrysler’s 2013 Dodge Dart that is available summer [...]


YouTube says hello to 3D

Can you remember the first movie you ever saw in 3D? It’s a question that may take a second to answer, probably because of everything being in 3D today. From smartphones to 3D television to pretty much every medium of watching film, we have the option of 3D. With this growing trend it’s no surprise [...]


iPhone Credited With Helping Save The Life Of A 2-Year-Old Boy

Whether using it as a navigator, an entertainer or simply a contactor, we’ve all referred to iPhones as somewhat of a lifesaver once or twice before. But calling the iPhone a lifesaver became a fact after the phone saved the life of a 2-year-old boy. Sunday night in Mengzi City the boy fell into a [...]


Could you get fired for Facebook?

There were rumors floating around that the Facebook “shoulder-surfing” would spread across the nation. Unfortunately for one Michigan teacher’s aide, the rumors became her reality. The act of “shoulder-surfing”, or the new trend of employers requesting permission to look at their employees’ Facebook pages is forcing some people to keep their profiles clean if they [...]


How Google Maps is helping us get there faster

Many of us who aren’t the world’s finest navigators have been able to make our destinations thanks to the lovely Google Maps.  The app informs us how many mile’s we’ll be traveling, however we can never be too sure how long the trek will take because of traffic. Fortunately that’s about to change; Google Maps [...]

Instagram Filters

Hey Android, Instagram this!

You either love your Android phone or wish you had an iPhone. Either way, you don’t have Instagram…yet. This past weekend the company of the very popular photo-editing Instagram App announced they would be coming to Android. They haven’t announced when they will be coming, but when you visit their page you can mark your [...]

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