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This Segway Competitor Is Shaped Like An Egg

The E4U, an egg-shaped Segway challenger. The E4U was just demonstrated at the 2013 Seoul Motor Show. E4 = Egg, Evolution, Electricity and Eco-friendliness. It looks a bit silly, especially with the windshield helmet, but the E4U becomes more interesting when you look at how it works. How does the E4U work? The egg essentially uses [...]


To Film The Shipping Process, Someone Put A Hidden Camera Inside A Box And Mailed It

What happens when you send something by mail? What happens in between you sending it of and someone else receiving it? What people and processes are involved and how many steps does it take? How did he do it? The camera poked saw through a hole in the side of the package. Inside, a bunch [...]


One Of The First Live Webcams Ever Existed So Employees Could See If The Coffee Pot Was Full Or Empty [VIDEO]

The first webcam was invented in 1991 as a lazy way to check coffee pot levels without having to get up. The camera displayed a 129 x 129 pixel image of the coffee pot at a rate of 1 frame per second on an Acorn Archimedes computer. The camera wasn’t connected to the web until [...]


iPhone Thief Caught When Photos Show Up On Owner’s Photo Stream

An unfortunate traveler named Sofie had her iPhone stolen while riding the underground in London. Lucky for her, the thief took some a few pics with the stolen phone. Photo Stream automatically uploaded the photos to iCloud, which enabled the owner to see all of the photos that were taken. Using these photos, the police were [...]


Two Ideas For Easier iPhone App Switching

Sick of Apple’s four-app-at-a-time app switcher on iOS? Here are two app-switching concepts that might get you excited: Designed by Sentry , this concept switches between apps by simply touching the bottom and sliding to the app that you want. As you slide your finger from one side to the other, the iPhone quickly slides [...]


Google Fiber Expanding To Olathe, Kansas

It’s just been announced that Google Fiber is expanding to another city (Olathe, Kansas). From the Google Fiber blog: “Over the past few months, as we’ve rolled out Google Fiber in Kansas City, we’ve heard from thousands of people from across the country. It seems that folks really want what KC has — a great [...]

argus II second sight bionic eye

FDA Approves Artificial Eye

This Argus II helps with retinitis pigmentosa, a disease where the retina gradually degenerates. How does it work? The patient wears glasses with an attached video camera that captures images of the surrounding area. These images become an electrical signal which is processed by the video processing unit. The signal is then wirelessly delivered to the [...]

Google Graveyard

There’s A Google Graveyard For All The Google Products We Miss

Some web developers were so saddened by the loss of Google Reader that they created a graveyard for Google’s services that have passed on. “It’s hard to lose a loved one, especially if that loved one is a Google service. That’s why we’re opening the gates of the Google Graveyard, a virtual space for grieving.” [...]


Mind Controlled Siri [VIDEO]

Duane Cash, an iOS developer for Honda R&D Americas, has posted a video that allegedly shows him controlling Siri with is brain. Duane describes the project: This is a one of my initial tests using a brainwave-reading device to control some custom Siri functions on a iPhone. For the first speech recognition segment I wave [...]

Automatic map sm

$70 Gadget Plugs Into Your Car And Syncs With Your Smartphone To Diagnose Engine Problems, Save Money On Gas, And More

Automatic is a $70 car plug-in that links your car to your iPhone. It diagnoses engine problems, helps you save gas money, tracks where you park, and even sends help if you get in an accident. Clarifying “check engine” Now you can know exactly what made the “check engine” light turn on. If you decide [...]

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