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A new way to make your resume stand out is the latest invite-only website, and I’m counting down the days till they let people in! According to the company’s blog, they will start inviting beta users on July 11, let the first 10,000 sign-ups in on July 25, and open it up to the public on August 1. Here’s a sneak peak at [...]

final cut pro x screen

Critics take on Final Cut Pro X

People are really up in arms about Final Cut Pro, Apple’s┬álatest update to its video editing software. Conan O’Brian has┬átaken a stab at the software flub, and parody videos have been popping up all over the web (see below). For a time, Apple restricted its reviews in the app store after a deluge of negative [...]

social media day logo

Happy Social Media Day!

If you’re in Arizona or San Carlos, CA, you’ve got a new official holiday: Social Media day. For the rest of us, though, why not celebrate anyway? Mashable decided to organize a Social Media holiday last year, designated June 30 as the day, and organized meetups all over the world in celebration the impact social [...]

Final Cut Pro X surfaces to mixed messages

Apple released its latest video editing software last week to mixed reviews. The first thing you notice, probably, is the intense similarity to the iMovie user interface. Apple advertises “An amazing new timeline. Dynamic media organization that takes the work out of finding clips. And blazing performance.” It definitely opens faster, reports say. Apple seems [...]

See through your iPad

A new app for the iPad 2 lets you see straight through your device and onto the surfaces below–well sort of. The app uses the iPad’s back camera and tracks the movement of your iPad and displays a correlating picture, complete with shadows of your device when appropriate. You can even add your own photos [...]


Let your baby name itself…with an app!

An app called “Kick to Pick” released in April allows unborn babies to choose their names based on baby movements. “Any kick detected by the program will then stop the generator at the baby’s chosen name, ready for the parents to accept their child’s choice or dismiss the name and start their search again,” says [...]

apple location app

Social media comes to life

Apple applied for a patent last week for a new kind of social app: one based on your location. Instead of finding friends online purely because of like interests or similar life goals, this app allows users to meet people in person based on their personal profiles, some data from their phone, and their locations. [...]

the hobbit gandalf

First look at Hobbit photos

Josh has been writing a bit on the upcoming Lord of the Rings prequel, The Hobbit, and its cast. We finally have a few photos from the production, as Entertainment Weekly got a sneak peak inside. They released threes pictures showing a world as detailed and alive as those of the Lord of the Rings [...]

new domain suffixes

Dot-com is so last year; new rules about domain suffixes

This is the future of domain names, after a game-changing ruling by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. The organization oversees web addresses, and announced it would allow any word to be a suffix in an internet address–that means any word in any language–instead of the typical dot-com, dot-org, dot-gov, dot-edu, etc.

apple school

This is how I feel about Apple’s back to school offer

Apple’s seasonal back-to-school deal is here again, but some aren’t seeing it as much a deal this time around. The deal pops up around graduation season (now) and usually lasts until Labor Day or so. But this time, instead of their traditional “free iPod” offer, Apple is giving away $100 to be used in the [...]

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