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When tech makes the jump from gadgets to fashion

While be-bopping around Pinterest recently I came across an image that was both amusing and a bit befuddling: I mean, yeah, I love social media as much as the next gal, but not enough to make it a fashion statement necessarily. That got me wondering what else people adorn themselves with in the name of [...]

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Power your gadgets on the go with a coffee cup?

People have been turning to caffeine for ages to keep them going when running low on energy. So why not use a coffee cup, so to speak, to charge your gadgets? The Coffee Cup Power Inverter fits easily into the cup holder in your car, allowing you to convert your car’s DC power into two [...]

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Create your own little robot army with My Robot Nation

3D printing is suddenly all the rage, allowing people to create things from actual medical devices to novelty items. So how stinkin’ cool is this? A website called My Robot Nation will allow you to design your very own robot that they’ll then 3D color print and deliver right to your door! The website makes [...]


Simple snap-on gadget has potential to make hearing your iPad easier

Most people that own an iPad or iPad 2 would probably change very little about it, or perhaps nothing at all. However, most would probably agree that when attempting to watch a video while laying in bed or somewhere similar that the sound can get rather muffled considering the speakers are located on the back [...]


Justin Beiber irked by “Joustin Beaver” app that has eery resemblence

Have you heard about this one yet? An app called “Joustin Beaver” has ruffled the feathers of the one and only Justin Beiber, whose lawyers recently sent a cease and desist letter to the app developer demanding that they remove the app from the App Store immediately. The app is a game featuring a buck-toothed [...]


AIRE mask: You breathe into it and it charges your iPhone

It’s about time you put all that breathing to good use. With the invention of the smartphone brought the necessity for creativity in keeping the dang thing powered, considering how quickly smartphones drain the battery. A new concept design from Joao Paulo Lammaglia uses the power of your breath to recharge your iPhone. The user [...]


Flexible arm allows you to lounge and comfortably view your iPad at the same time

Everyone has those lazy days. I’m pretty sure for me they come once a week. Sunday hits, and boom, I’m worthless. Those kinds of days I want nothing more than to stay in bed, watch movies, and surf the web to maintain some semblance of connection to the outside world. Curling up with your iPad [...]

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“World’s thinnest tablet” to go head-to-head with the iPad 3 in March

At a time when the gadget world is abuzz with news of the iPad 3 being released in March, Toshiba has decided to throw their hat into the ring as well and compete for tablet sales. The Toshiba Excite 10 LE Wi-Fi only tablet is being billed by the company as “the world’s thinnest and [...]


2-in-1 Headphones / Speakers Give You The Best of Both Worlds

Everyone loves a good 2-in-1 combo. Take the futon, for example. Is it a sofa or a bed? Both! Genius! Or remember those fancy ballpoint pens that would let you choose from a variety of colors, all in the same pen? It’s all about efficiency, folks. That’s why a pair of headphones is nice on [...]


What if you could select your neighbor based on their Facebook profile? This airline is making it possible

Along with about 100 other stressful things associated with air travel, worrying about who you’re going to be shoulder-to-shoulder with for the next 4+ hours is often one of the top concerns. We’ve all been next to that guy who blows his nose every 10 minutes, or the woman that insists on gabbing about her [...]

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