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Ohio Court sentences man to apologize to his wife…on Facebook?

There are a number of awkward interactions on Facebook that we’ve all experienced at one point: the drunken rant, the inappropriate joke, the incriminating picture, the bashing of the boss- when the boss is a “friend”… the list is endless. One of the all time most-awkward interactions, though, is the public marital spat. That moment [...]


Could this be the iPhone 5?

Another day, another iPhone 5 rumor. While the iPhone 5 is a ways off, people just can’t help but speculate about what Apple’s next big move will be and how the phone might look. An Italian designer, Federico Ciccarese, created a mock-up of of a potential new design based off the latest wave of iPhone [...]

old people

Study: Playing World of Warcraft May Help The Elderly

Turns out a little time with “World of Warcraft” each week might be beneficial, especially for the elderly. A recent study done by the Gains Through Gaming laboratory in the Department of Psychology at North Carolina State University found that the incredibly popular online game has the potential of helping older adults with their cognitive [...]


The new future of the boring old digital clock?

With the many technological advances we’ve had, it may seem that an ordinary digital clock is getting left in the dust. The PixlClock, though, is the new and improved digital clock concept that stays up to speed with our high-tech lives. In addition to telling the time, the PixlClock allows you to show your style. [...]

sent from iphone

“Sent from my iPhone” is the new status symbol in China. Here’s how one business is profiting it

We’ve all seen it- that little message at the bottom of an email or text message: “sent from my iPhone”. Apparently this is the new status symbol in China (seems to be in America too, to a degree). The equivalent of driving around in a flashy Mercedes. One that you’re willing to rent just to [...]


Heads up! Google’s HUD glasses coming soon

Do you ever feel that by constantly looking down at your smartphone you’re missing the world around you? Google is rumored to be releasing their heads-up display (HUD) glasses later this year, allowing you to literally keep your head up while still receiving the steady stream of information we’ve become accustomed to. The glasses are [...]

space planning

Apps to make your home improvement projects easier

We’re currently in the process of attempting to sell our home, which is pretty much the most torturous thing we’ve done in a long time. Part of the problem is that to get our home in selling condition it requires a little elbow grease, and we are some of the least handy people I know. [...]


The GoPad Is The Weirdest Looking iPad Accessory We’ve Seen

Since the invention of the iPad, there have been a lot of iPad accessories that have also been invented out of necessity. Some are brilliant. Some are…um, lacking in the “cool” department. The GoPad is an accessory for your iPad that is the epitome of innovative, but maybe not the coolest looking thing to be [...]

angry birds fb

Could it be?? Angry Birds lands on Facebook

Move over Farmville, Angry Birds is continuing to move towards world domination. The unbelievably popular and addictive game made the jump from smartphone app to Facebook on Valentine’s Day. On smartphones and tablets alone, Angry Birds has been downloaded over 700 million times. This move to Facebook will be taking the game to the masses [...]


The most expensive apps on the market

If you’re like me, you regularly browse the FREE apps on iTunes. What can I say? I’ll admit I’m cheap. I seriously debate before I spend a few dollars on an app. So as you can imagine, I about choked when I read about these apps, which are some of the most expensive on the [...]

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