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Chase the monsters away with this modern nightlight

I have a 3 year old that is scared of the dark. We’ve tried everything to teach her to relax and go to sleep on her own, ultimately ending up having to leave the hall light on outside of her bedroom door that we turn off before we go to bed. The problem? She often [...]


3DeeScreen takes your laptop to the next dimension

Viewing things in 3D is all the rage these days. Whether it be 3D movies, televisions, or video games, tons of people seem to think it’s the coolest new trend. What if you could have a 3D experience on your laptop, too? Spatial View, Inc., has launched a snap-on screen that attaches to your laptop, [...]

keyboard pants 1

Functional geek-chic: Is that a keyboard on your pants? (When fashion and tech collide)

I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve tried to shove a full keyboard in my pocket for convenient typing on the go, only to be frustrated and cry out, “If only I could sew this keyboard to my paaants!” Ok, that’s a total lie. But evidently [...]


Are your deleted Facebook photos still accessible?

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had an embarrassing/incriminating picture of yourself posted on Facebook- either by you or someone else. I’m pretty sure a good portion of the population would fit into this category. Most people have momentary lapses in judgment and will post that picture of you in say, that incredibly NSFW Halloween [...]


iPhone time is always set to 9:42 in Apple ads, and now we know why

Conspiracy-theorists have probably been discussing this one amongst themselves for a while now, but have you ever noticed that the time on the iPhone in Apple ads is always set to 9:42? Check it out: And you have to look closely in this one: Even the fake print ads people make do it (look closely [...]

gymbot 2

The Gymbot robot concept takes the home gym to a new level

So how are those new year resolutions coming along? Still frequenting the gym as much as you’d hoped?  It’s tough, I know. So many ways to cheat on our diets and and rationalize not lacing up our running shoes. A designer named Max Battaglia, is developing a concept to keep you on track with a [...]


Foldable cars from MIT have wheels that rotate 360 degrees

Ever struggled to parallel park your car? Or maybe run out of room in your garage because of your massive SUV? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just maybe fold your car in half so it’d take up less space? In an effort to make the world a greener and more efficient place, researchers from MIT [...]


Facebook going public is the IPO event of the decade

In news that rocked the world of finances and Internet, Facebook recently filed papers to raise $5 billion dollars and begin selling stock around May. It is the single largest public offering among Internet companies, bypassing Google’s IPO in 2004 and Netscape Communications (remember them?) in 1995. It is estimated that Facebook will be valued [...]


[Almost NSFW] LikeBelt pelvic thrusts its way to Facebook

Everyone knows its rude and obnoxious to walk around with your smartphone two inches in front of your face all the time, but how else are you supposed to “like” things or constantly “check in” different places on Facebook?  It is truly a modern conundrum. Wait a minute… what if instead we strapped a goofy [...]


Boost your learning with the Echo Smartpen

Laptops and tablets have changed the way we learn, but for me, when it comes to taking notes there’s nothing like doing it with good old fashioned pen and paper. Personally, I need the freedom to draw arrows, write in the margins, star items, highlight, and do it all quickly without fussing with technology. Maybe [...]

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