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5 Tricks to Extend The Battery Life of Your Smartphone

I’m guessing a lot of lucky people unwrapped a shiny new smartphone this holiday season and are in the beginning stages of getting it all set up.  Most of you are probably discovering that while smartphones are amazing in so many different ways, they have really awful battery lives. Part of the reason is that [...]

iPad 3

iPad 3 Rumored To Be Released on Feb. 24th – Steve Jobs’ birthday

So the birthday of the late, great Steve Jobs is coming up at the end of February.  The 24th, to be exact.  What better way for Apple fanboys to celebrate the innovator than by finally getting their hands on an iPad 3?  That’s the rumor that is floating around thanks to a report from Focus [...]


Gadget fatigue wearing out consumers

Could there possibly be such a thing as too many gadgets?  Apparently the answer is yes. “Gadget fatigue” is a new term being thrown around, and many of you are probably feeling it. The market is frequently flooded with waves of new gadgets, such as what we’ve recently been seeing with tablets. Often times, however, [...]

3482.Windows Store_thumb

A peek into the upcoming Windows Store

After the Apple Store dominating the space for years, Microsoft is getting ready to jump on the app store train with their very own Windows Store, set to be unveiled in February as part of the Windows 8 beta.  It is expected to make quite a splash, considering there are over 500 million Windows users [...]

time machine

Never Lose Track Of Time With This $30,000 iPhone

Is the standard iPhone design just not cutting it for you anymore?  If you’re in the market for something more along the lines of mother-of-pearl and diamonds, you’re in luck.  Gresso has created a custom-made iPhone, dubbed the ArtPhone Lady Blanche Diamonds, worth $30,000 (yes, you read that right) for those with the most impeccable [...]


Tiny, wearable computers rumored to be the next big thing. Should we care?

Rumor has it that Apple and Google are in the beginning stages of creating small, wearable, voice-controlled computers for the consumer. Oh, you thought that’s what a smartphone was? Smartphones were the first step in this new technological development.  But smartphones have created a problem where we walk around with a small screen about 6 [...]


Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto: Robot suits a reality

Here is an example of extreme and awesome gadgetry: a functional robot suit that provides “super-strength” to the wearer.  The Hybrid Assistive Limb robot suit, or HAL, was created by Japanese scientist and professor Yoshiyuki Sanaki in 2006 and has been perfected in the following years, and is now in production by Cyberdyne, Inc. HAL [...]


Too lazy to decorate your home for Christmas? No problem, now you can do it virtually

There’s a lot of reasons to decorate your home for the holidays. It spreads Christmas cheer! It’s beautiful!  Your kids would cry if you didn’t! Tradition! But there’s also a lot of reasons NOT to decorate your home:  Perilous icy roofs and ladders. Tangled strings of lights. Bulbs that don’t work. Time. Expense. Effort.  You [...]


Tech savvy alarm clocks that actually get the job done

I don’t know about you guys, but the dark days of winter are rough for me.  Not only is it dark by 5:00 PM, but it’s also dark when my alarm clock goes off in the morning.  Some mornings getting out of bed when it is dark and freezing cold feels about as impossible and [...]


iMessage Bug Causing Problems With Stolen iPhones

As if having your iPhone stolen isn’t distressing enough, it is becoming apparent that a bug within the iMessage feature, part of the iOS 5 rollout, is complicating things even further.  A story recently surfaced about a stolen iPhone 4S that continued to send and receive iMessages under the Apple ID belonging to the original owner, even [...]

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