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Google’s Cloud Print goes Mobile

Google recently released an exciting new feature for mobile users of their Gmail and Google Docs products, allowing them to print to their connected printers from anywhere via the internet. The service is an extension of Google’s existing cloud print offering that was unveiled last year in answer to people’s questions of how the tech [...]


New iPad and iPhone to have NFC capabilities?

Have you been able to keep track of the new iPhone and iPad rumors? Because I haven’t. It seems like every day, there is a new ‘scoop’ that entices us, then is refuted, that then comes back, etc.. We’ll really only will know when Apple releases the devices, but in the meantime, we’ll hold on [...]

PHOTO Fourteen-year old Robert Nay, left, and his mother Kari Nay are shown in this picture. Robert’s game Bubble Ball is the #1 free game in Apple’s App store

What did YOU accomplish at 14 years old?!

When something happens in my own backyard (well, not literally) you can’t help but want to pass it one. A 14 year old from my home state of Utah has broken the seemingly impossible barrier of beating Angry Birds in the free app list on iTunes. Robert Nay of Spanish Fork, Utah created the highly [...]


Spotify: A second Revolution may be needed soon

Okay. We won the Revolutionary War, we got the Beatles (even on iTunes) and now if we could just pry the stellar free streaming music service, Spotify, from the British’s hands, we’d be able to continue to assert our independence over our friends across the Atlantic. To be honest, it most likely doesn’t have anything [...]



Some good finally came out of April Fool’s Day. That at least seems to be the case based on the feedback given at CES over ION Audio &’s iCade, the small arcade console which houses an iPad to play classic arcade games in. The product officially debuted in Nevada a few weeks ago and [...]

white iPhone rumors

White iPhone Time?

It has been rumored as much as Brett Favre retiring, but there seems to be whispers from various sources that the pristinely-white iPhone 4 may be landing in our dirty hands in the coming weeks. Sure we’ve heard the rumors before, but this is feeling like the real thing. The phone has shown up within [...]

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS: But do you still need to blow on the games?

Remember being blown away by the original Game Boy? No back-lit screen, no color and only 8-bit graphics and sound a 90′s child could love? It was pure primitive heaven. Young whipper-snappers these days have not only a lot more options to choose from between the iPod Touch, PSP, and the Nintendo DSi, but they [...]


Motorola Atrix

Image Source:, Among all of the exciting and shiny releases at CES, you may have missed the Atrix, a unique smart phone that seems to be capturing many tech blogger’s hearts. It is yet again, another product from Motorola. The same company who seemed to be doing what they could to stay in the [...]


Eric Schmidt steps down as CEO of Google

Image Source: Not a great week for CEOs in the tech world. After Monday’s announcement of Apple’s founder and CEO Steve Job’s medical leave of absence, Google’s Eric Schmidt announced on Thursday afternoon at the company’s fourth quarter earnings report that he would be stepping down as Google’s Chief Executive Officer with Google co-founder, [...]


The Velocity Micro Cruz Watch

Image Source: High tech watches have always seemed to be a dream, and sometimes reality of both tech and fashion. From Dick Tracy’s walkie-talkie watch to the Casio calculator watch you knew made you cooler than all of the other 8th graders, this form factor seems to be a non-dying trend we’d all like [...]

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