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iPhone 4. Available on Verizon February 10

Why I’m excited about a Verizon iPhone and I’m not even their customer

When the Verizon iPhone 4 was announced last week in New York City, I was excited. Honestly more excited than I thought I would be. Even more honestly I didn’t even think I would be excited. You see, I’m an AT&T customer. I switched over from T-Mobile in 2008 simply so that I could have the [...]

Apple CEO Steve Jobs, shown here in October 2010, has had medical issues in the past

Steve Jobs leave of absense

Image Source:, Getty Images In checking my Twitter feed yesterday, I surprised to see from that once again, Steve Jobs was taking a leave of absence from his duties at Apple due to health reasons. This is the founder’s second health recess from the company within a little over two years when on [...]


Is this the new iPad?

Image Source: At CES, the tech site, Engadget stumbled across a possible mockup of Apple’s next generation iPad tablet. This is not their first sighting of possible evidence of the fabled product at the show, but this particular iteration is the most complete I’ve seen. The prototype was constructed of aluminum similar to the current iPad [...]


“iPad vs. Xoom” is “iPhone vs. DROID” all over again

Image Source: With CES a time for companies to get together and flex their tech muscles against the competition, Google and Motorola have teamed up to bare their teeth at Apple and its iPad with their latest release of Android 3.0 (aka Honeycomb) running on a powerful tablet simply called XOOM. Android 3.0 is designed [...]


CES 2011: Tablets, Tablets, Tablets

Image Source: I think CES is held the first week in January simply to give hope and excitement to all of us tech nerds out there after the blissful holidays have come to an abrupt, depressing end. This year in the Nevada desert, the focus was definitely on tablets in all shapes and sizes [...]

Apple TV Review

Apple TV Review

With Apple selling over one million Apple TVs the final quarter of 2010, I figured I should probably take a hands-on gander at what Apple feels is the future of home entertainment and streaming media. My family got one for my Dad for Christmas and I got a chance to play with it a few [...]

nerdifying my pop

Nerdifying my Pop

Life is full of ironies. For example, my Dad, a retired auto parts salesman who often teases me for my unhealthy obsession with gadgets and all things tech, has almost as many Apple products as me. Is he the exception? I don’t think so. I think many times we view Apple products, and tech in [...]

ROKU vs. Apple TV

ROKU Box vs. Apple TV

I’m having a dilemma. A serious dilemma people. I got a HDTV for Christmas, there is a prime streaming set top box market out there, and I’ve got $100+ Christmas money burning a whole in my pocket. Which to choose though?! After casual reviews, I think I’ve ruled out the Boxee box and the Google [...]

The Mac App Store. More than a thousand apps. One simple new way to get them

The Mac App Store has arrived

On January 6th in the wee hours of the California morning, Apple unveiled the much anticipated Mac App Store via a software update exclusively to OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard users. The store quickly made headlines as Apple touted at least one million downloads after a mere 24 hours of being open to the public. The [...]

Microsoft Retail Store Launch

Microsoft Surface 2.0: They have the money, why not?

At CES 2011, Microsoft unveiled their latest hardware update to the table-top computer, Surface. The 2.0 version promises to be cheaper ($7,600) than the current Surface ($10,000-$12,000) and packed with some new technology goodies. The most notable is “pixel sense” detection, where the surface screen picks up not just points of touch, but can sense the entire [...]

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