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Have you ever wondered how long Apple’s marketing meetings last? Odds are, probably not that long if today’s rumor is legit. The buzz around the hyperwebs is that Apple has recently acquired the domain, “” for its new MobileMe replacement and iTunes-in-the-cloud service. The domain was the home of an existing company, titled iCloud as [...]


The White iPhone 4 and Santa Do Exist

Well folks. It was posted and posted again, but now it is official, the white iPhone from Apple does exist. The announcement was made yesterday by a simple ad (seen above) shown when you visit The phone, as has been mentioned  before, was originally scheduled to be launched alongside the black model back in [...]


Sony releases new tablets featuring Android 3.0

Apple. Motorola. HP. Samsung. Sony? Yep. That’s right, yesterday Sony unveiled their current offerings to the tablet market: two slate devices with radical form factors that are not only different from their competitors, but different from each other. First up is the creatively named S1. The tablet itself is a smooth wedge shape, reminiscent of [...]

Wii 2 controller mockup

Nintendo Announces Announcement of Wii Successor

Can you believe it has been almost 5 years since the release of Nintendo’s Wii? With other consoles such as Microsoft’s XBox Kinect and Sony’s PlayStation Move nipping at its heels in terms of similarity and downright duplication, one wonders what Nintendo will do next to compete in the home gaming arena. Well, wait no [...]

Ryan’s MacBook Pro

Personal MacBook Pro Review

Well folks, my happiest posts on this blog are when I am reviewing tech of my own. This is one of those posts. Last week I upgraded my 3 year old (technically 4 years old as I got it on close out) MacBook Pro with a fancy, shiny new one. Yes. A 15″ MacBook Pro [...]


New, radical iPhone 5 Rumors

Ready for some more iPhone 5 rumors? Good. First of all, this post isn’t for the non-geek at heart. The following is speculation that could be true, but nothing is really confirmed until we actually see the device, whenever that will be. Yesterday, the expatriates from Engadget over at This Is My Next revealed some somewhat [...]

Screen shot 2011-04-22 at 8.59.21 AM

Wacom Stylus for iPad and others

Steve Jobs was once quoted as saying concerning other tablet and hand held manufacturers, ““If you see a stylus, they blew it.” Well Steve, like it or not, there is a growing industry for styli…on your own devices. That’s right, manufacturers from no-names to the creative big boys are coming out with their own versions [...]

Your warranty doesn’t cover water damage and broken glass

ZAGG introduces ZAGGsafe

This week, ZAGG introduced a new product called ZAGGsafe. Sadly it is not as it sounds…a bullet proof safe encasing your iPhone 4 with an impossible to crack tumbler that slides delicately into your pocket. No, ZAGGsafe is a warranty program, but luckily it is just as cool as a steel vault. Before you finish your yawn [...]


Check out Kindle Books from your local physical library

Well, it looks like your physical local library can renew its lease…at least for a little while. Today Amazon, the behemoth in content selling and distribution, has announced that it will be partnering with the content lending company, OverDrive to make Kindle books available for check out at 11,000 libraries nationwide. According to the official press release, [...]


White iPhone 4. Really? Really?

Okay, this is almost becoming sort of a joke. The Apple rumor sites are claiming once again that the  fabled white iPhone 4 will finally be making its debut in the next couple of weeks. Sadly its not a joke that it won’t really be happening, but it’s a joke that they may actually release [...]

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