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E-Books $90.3 million, physical books, meh.

First of all, let it be noted that I hate the term “print is dead.” I really don’t think physical books will really ever ‘die.’ Their usefulness have justified themselves longer than any of us could shake a snooty stick at. Needless to say though, according to reports, this whole e-book ‘fad’ seems to actually [...]

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Amazon Kindle Tablet? Let the speculation begin

Okay, okay, if you are tired of tech rumors and speculation, then you better move onto the next post on the ZAGG blog, because this one is saturated with them. The last couple of weeks, I have been reading and hearing various tech pundits mention, almost in passing, the possibility of an Amazon tablet. I’m [...]


Available Now: ‘Square’ Credit Card Reader for iOS & Android

Remember this scenario? Well, another device and system is available now for all latest iOS and Android devices that can make paying the babysitter even more amazing…or draining. The system is called simply ‘Square’ and should change the way we transact money. The system features a card reader that is plugged into the audio jack [...]


Flip has Flipped

Well, if you haven’t heard the surprising, but not surprising, but surprising news from Cisco, (not to be confused with this Sisqo) it is that they are killing their Flip program. Thats right, that Flip program. The one that makes the Flip cameras with HD video recording and a switch blade-like USB stick for easy [...]


Official Steve Jobs Biography To Be Published

Well, it looks like people will finally hear the story of Steve Jobs from the black turtle-necked man himself. Jobs has apparently agreed to participate in a long awaited authorized biography to be published by Simon & Schuster. The title of the book will be iSteve: The Book of Jobs and is slated to be [...]

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The enigma of the iAd app

Apple recently released an official iAd app. Cool, right? Right? Hmph. Nay sayers. Okay, maybe you aren’t alone scratching your head at the latest app from the Cupertino company that showcases various examples of their iAd program in action. If you aren’t familiar with iAd, it is the company’s wing of advertising on their iPhone, [...]

New Final Cut Pro to be released April 12th?

Needing something, anything released from Apple to keep you happy for a while until the next product launch? Especially if the iPhone 5 is going to be released at a later date? Well, if you are into pro video editing programs, according to the latest rumor, you may be in luck. The latest murmors from [...]


What do you use your tablet for?

So, you finally broke down and bought some sort of tablet computing device (iPad, Motorola XOOM, Playbook, eventual TouchPad, Galaxy Tab, etc..) how is it? What do you find yourself using it for? Well, if you are part of the majority of ‘tabbing’ individuals, odds are you use it for one main task more than [...]

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Where do I sell my used eBooks?

Imagination time. It’s the beginning of the semester and you are pricing out your textbooks for your fancy new classes. You’ve found your required “Adventures in Bio-Chemistry” book for $450.00 in hard cover, tangible form, but also found it for $200.00 in eBook format which will fit just nicely on your new Amazon Kindle DX. [...]


Favorite Apps: Dropbox

It seems like the last couple of days I’ve been mentioning (here and here) Dropbox a fair amount. It’s high time I added it to my list of “Favorite Apps” here on the blog. If you aren’t familiar with Dropbox, here is the run down. The service is an online storage solution for storing your [...]

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