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iPad 2 or iPad 1?

“Thinner. Faster. Lighter. FaceTime. Smart Covers. 10 Hour Battery.” not your thing? Just want an iPad for the sake of saying that you have an iPad? Well, now is your time to buy. At the launch of the iPad 2, Apple dropped the price across the board of the original iPad by $100 to get [...]

Motorola Xoom

XOOM: A Freeloader’s Review

Since its release in late February, to the best of my knowledge, I haven’t been able to handle, let alone even see a genuine Motorola XOOM tablet out in wild. I’m not saying that it’s not wildly popular, I’m just saying in my random travels and wanderings, it hasn’t reared it DROID-like head. Things finally [...]


Firefox 4

As I became conscious of the technological world around me, I learned of people talking about something called “Firefox.” Apparently it was this button you clicked on your computer to get on to the internets that wasn’t the “E” with a swoop surrounding it. I embraced FireFox for years until Google Chrome came along and won my [...]


Samsung Galaxy Tab(s)

Well, well, well. Things are about to get a little more interesting in the Apple dominant tablet market. That is, if Samsung keeps up with its promises and offerings recently revealed at their press event at CTIA 2011 in Florida. There had been pretty solid rumors concerning a Galaxy Tab 8.9 which was revealed at [...]


Happy Birthday OS X

Happy birthday old friend. Today, Mac OS X (‘operating system 10′ for you lacking ‘mac-speak’) turns its individual number of 10 years old today. It seems like just yesterday I was plugging away in school on some version of this software in Photoshop, playing Oregon trail, etc.. Mac OS X made its debut on March [...]

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Military-Grade Apps

Picture this. You are out with your special forces platoon. The enemy is within sight, but has not yet detected your position. You need to be able to get closer to see just how many of them there are, but don’t want to chance being seen. You’ve launched your UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) and it [...]


Tablets you haven’t really heard of…yet

With all of this talk of the iPad 2 and the Motorola XOOM, one would wonder if there were any other tablets out there. Rest easy anxious readers, there are indeed. I’m going to cover a few here with what details are available to whet your tablet appetite. Galaxy Tab 8.9: So, the reason you [...]


Epic Mix

Some people retreat to the mountains to escape the ever present onslaught of technology. Well, these days, even the slopes are becoming less and less isolated and some people are saying thats actually a good thing. That is at least the case for many at Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Keystone and Heavenly in Vail, Colorado as [...]

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If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone, OKAY?!

Apple seems to be taking a slight change in marketing direction with the latest round of commercials from the Cupertino company and their ad agency, TBWA/Chiat Day. The short commercials all share the premise of what really does constitutes an iPhone. The three videos focus specifically on the App Store, iPod/iTunes, and the iBooks store. [...]

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iPad 2: You need ZAGG

ZAGG wants you to know that in this cruel, cruel world, your gadgets are not safe. Okay, maybe its not everyday that your iPad may accidentally (or on purpose) be shot by a shotgun, but still, please geek out responsibly. That is at least the message being sent by ZAGG’s latest video on YouTube featuring 5 [...]

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