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14-Month-Old Buys Car On eBay, Parents Happy About It

Nothing beats the convenience of a smartphone app. That is, unless it’s a little too convenient. Enter 14 month old Sorella Stoute: juice drinker, trouble maker, car buyer. The young gearhead got a hold of her Dad’s smartphone and launched the eBay app. A few Cheerio crumb-smeared taps later, she had bought a 1962 Austin [...]


This Website Allows You To Easily Create A GIF

Oh the GIF. The ever active, and hyperactive, GIF. These little bits of data can either light up our eyes or make us shake our head in shame. Thanks to a nifty web app, you can now make a gif of this response to respond to the gif (wrap your little Inception minds around that). [...]


Spotify Comes To A Web Browser Near You

Spotify, the popular streaming music service is now available in a web browser near you. Previously, in order to access Spotify’s vast collection of music, you needed to download the company’s app and run it locally on your computer. Not anymore. Almost two years from when Spotify first came to the US, the company has [...]


Watch Star Wars IV: A New Hope On Your Mac (or PC) In Text Animation

This may be old news to some, but hopefully new news to many. I myself found out about this years ago, but forgot about it again until a co-worker reminded me. Did you know you can watch Star Wars IV: A New Hope on your Mac, right now for free? Here’s the catch: it is [...]


‘Designed by you’ Motorola X Phone Ad Spotted

The Motorola X phone has been talked about for awhile, although none of it official. It looks like the fabled phone may make its debut soon though as the Google Company has released a full spread ad that was featured in The New York Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and Washington Post. The [...]


My ‘Facepalm’ Transition Away From Google Reader

As you may or may not be aware, the popular RSS feed reader, Google Reader shut down on July 1st amidst the company’sĀ house cleaning that seems to be becoming a trend over the last couple of years. Users of the popular service were urged for months to export their feeds and find anĀ alternative reader before [...]


Apple Continues To Aim For Business And Education Markets With iOS 7

With each iteration of Apple’s popular iOS mobile operating system, the company makes it clear that they are serious about business and education users. In the early days of iOS, many segmented the popular platform as more for consumers focused experience as any enterprise features were either lacking or missing all together. Some even suggested [...]


Snapchat Screenshot Notification May Be Disabled In iOS 7

Initially overlooked by many reviewers of the latest beta of iOS 7, Apple has reportedly removed the ability for users of Snapchat, Facebook Poke, and other ‘self-destruct’ photo services to notify photo senders when someone has taken a screenshot of their sent image. Let’s say that you have sent a funny photo that you only [...]


FAA Advisory Board Could End Restrictions On Airplane Gadget Use

Oh Alec Baldwin, you’ve really done it this time. Well actually, let’s hope he has. Ever since the veteran actor/comedian made his infamous rant when a stewardness told him to turn off his phone and stop using “Words with Friends,” the 30 Rock star has since been a poster child for change regarding the FAA [...]


Arrested Development’s “Fakeblock” App Now Available For iOS And Android

Stair car. Never nude. Banana stand. Candy beans. If any of these items are remotely familiar, you can consider yourself an Arrested Development fan. The popular television show that was cancelled after its third season in 2006, much to the sadness and confusion of critics and fans alike, regained steam over the years that followed [...]

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