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Samsung Solid State Drive SSD

What is the Largest SSD Available in 2015? (Sizes, Prices & More)

Some of the earliest versions of computers had hard drives whose capacity could be measured in megabytes. The IBM 2311 in 1964 held 7.25 MB. Solid state drives are the future of storage. Compared with hard disk drives with spinning disks, SSDs in 2015 are less susceptible to shock, run more quietly, and have less [...]


How Will Reebok’s New “CHECKLIGHT” Tech Impact Sports Safety?

Reebok recently introduced “CHECKLIGHT,” a wearable sensor integrated into a skullcap that helps sports players detect larger than normal head collisions. A light panel on the side along with a smaller light panel hanging down in the back show different colored lights depending on the severity of the impact. When the device is recharged with [...]


These 18 Great iOS Apps Are FREE Right Now

What’s better than great paid apps? Not having to pay for them, of course. Apple is giving away some fantastic apps as part of its App Store 5th birthday party this week. Some of them, like Traktor DJ, are normally $19.99. The list includes many popular games as well as functional apps, and we’ll keep [...]

firefox chrome internet explorer benchmark

Browser Battle: Study Shows Firefox Is Getting Faster

This new benchmarking study shows Mozilla Firefox edging out Google Chrome for the first time in years. What does it all mean? For several years, Firefox has steadily been losing market share to Chrome in the browser wars. In 4 years, Chrome went from 3% to over 30%, while Firefox has lost over 10% in [...]

google translate meme

Google’s Translation Of Lorem Ipsum Text Is Hilarious, Disturbing

You’ve no doubt run across unfinished websites that use Lorem Ipsum text as a placeholder for the real text to be added later. But were you aware of the deep-seated conspiracy and subliminal advertising behind the words you thought were just made up? Original Lorem Ipsum Text Google’s Translation Actual text of the translation: We [...]

Rick Roll Google Glass Voice Command

How to Rick Roll Anyone Wearing Google Glass

Want to have a little harmless fun with someone you see wearing Google Glass? Thanks to Google Glass Voice Commands, it’s actually pretty easy. Just walk up to them within range of their headset and say: OK Glass, make a call to 985-655-2500. The phone number goes directly to a pre-recorded Rick Roll, courtesy of [...]

omni treadmill and oculus rift

These Virtual Reality Products Will Turn Non-Gamers Into Gamers

I’ll admit up front that I’m mostly a non-gamer. If you’re a non-gamer too, you’ll want to take a look at what’s been happening while you’ve been off non-gaming. What we’re seeing from the world of virtual reality (VR) gaming is coming fast and about to make a big dent in the entertainment world. And [...]

Compromised iPhone

That Public USB Charger Could Upload Malware to Your iPhone in Under 60 Seconds

Have you ever used a public USB charging station at an airport or a convention center to recharge your phone? You may want to think twice about ever doing that again. This summer at the Black Hat security conference, researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology plan to demonstrate an iPhone charger that can be [...]


Science: DNA Can Be Used To Create A 3D-Printed Mask Of Your Face

3-D PRINTING IS THE FUTURE!!! (Especially if you’re into weird, creepy human masks right out of a Mission Impossible movie). One scientist has made an art project out of printing human faces using human DNA samples found on things like hair, chewing gum, etc. Heather Dewey-Hagborg, a 30-year-old PhD student in electronic arts, was sitting [...]

Monty Python Tumblr Yahoo GIF

8 Ways Tumblr Users Are Reacting To The Yahoo Acquisition News [PHOTO + GIF]

Call it the Yahoo Apocalypse or something worse, the prevailing mood has soured over at Tumblr, where users are distraught about the idea that Yahoo may be soon acquiring the blogging social network for more than $1 billion. Not to be silenced, they’ve taken to the digital streets, where they’re reblogging their hearts out with [...]

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