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iPhone ZAGG privacy screen protector

Introducing ZAGG Privacy: Security + Protection for iPhone

Introducing ZAGG Privacy for iPhone 4 and 4S. Now there’s an easy way to protect your phone while keeping your activity shielded from view on all sides. ZAGG Privacy features a 4-way privacy filter with the protection quality you’ve come to expect from ZAGG. With ZAGG Privacy installed on your phone, anyone to your right, [...]

Tiki Statue

ZAGG Tiki Treasure Hunt: Win 1 of 3 $100 ZAGG Gift Cards

Welcome to the Tiki Treasure Hunt! The challenge, if you’re daring enough, is to find this Tiki statue. We’ve placed the Tiki statue on two invisibleSHIELD product pages on and on one product page on If you’re the first person to find a Tiki statue and submit the answer using the form below, [...]

Bacon iPhone Case

9 Deliciously Appetizing Foodie iPhone Cases

Food and tech. There’s no better combination. Here are some of our favorite food iPhone cases that may just leave you drooling. Keep them away from your hungry friends! These may be a bit too realistic for their appetites. Chocolate Bar iPhone Case Pop Tart iPhone Case Sushi iPhone Case Eggs & Bacon iPhone Case [...]

Steve Ballmer

Microsoft Surface Specs: Is This Tablet Really iPad Competition?

Everybody expected that Microsoft would use its “Big Announcement” to showcase a brand new piece of hardware in the tablet space. When the tablet was announced, everybody’s next question was probably, “How does the Microsoft Surface compare to the iPad?” Well, we’re here to answer all of your questions. How much does the Microsoft Surface [...]


The Microsoft Surface Video That’s Topping The Charts

Microsoft announced its new tablet, called the Surface yesterday. Along with the announcement and event at Milk Studios in Los Angeles, Microsoft released a promotional movie for the tablet. The movie looks pretty slick with the water and rock motif playing throughout along with the dubstep audio track. The video has already reached the top [...]

Microsoft Logo

Major Microsoft Announcement Today? Here’s What You Need To Know.

“This will be a major Microsoft announcement—you will not want to miss it.” Microsoft’s email invite to the media was definitely full of hype.  But with the event positioned between Apple’s WWDC and Google’s IO conferences, is Microsoft setting people up for disappointment? Here’s what we know: -      Microsoft’s announcement will take place on Monday (today), [...]

Roundup of the Best Memorial Day Deals for Father’s Day

Looking for the perfect gift for Dad? Memorial Day sales and online deals are great chances to prepare and get something perfect for Father’s Day. 2012 could be THE year you actually planned ahead and weren’t out last minute with the rest of the poor saps, only to discover that the last talking electronic fish [...]

The “Next Big Thing” in Technology (Infographic)

The “Next Big Thing” in Technology [Infographic]

The Next Big Thing in Tech Everybody wants to know: what is the “next big thing” in technology? We’re not talking about space-age teleportation suits or time travel. We’re talking about legitimate consumer-targeted tech with the potential to arrive in your home soon. Our researchers scoped the web for any and all mentions of “the [...]


ZAGG Employee Uses Movember Mustache To Nab A Deer (And Still Makes It To Work On Time)

Every so often, we take opportunity to highlight the ferocious exploits of ZAGG’s internet team members. Nothing quite matches this. Kollin Killian woke up this morning on the last day of hunting season and the existence of his magnificently creepy Movember mustache. With obviously limited time to act, he grabbed his hunting bow, ventured out [...]


The Ultimate Tech Bling – A $40K iPhone Case

I ran into the biggest, most beautiful iPhone case I’ve ever seen while down at the Miracle Miles mall in Las Vegas last week for PubCon. Initially, I thought it was a diamond iPhone 4 case. I did some more research and found out that this bad boy is made of over 300 Swarovski crystals [...]

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