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5 Ways Tech Geeks Should Celebrate Columbus Day

If you’re like me, you woke up this morning, dragged yourself half-awake into the office, and somehow discovered it was Columbus Day. If you’re like me, you also have no idea how to celebrate Columbus Day. There are no Columbus Day traditions, no customary Columbus Day foods (read baked goods), and all online suggestions point [...]


Outcast, Renegade, Traitor: Why I Chose Android Over iPhone

It’s no surprise that ZAGG is full of Apple fanboys. Keep in mind that I don’t think the term “fanboy” is derogatory when talking about Apple or any company that makes high quality products. ZAGG has given away more iPads and iPods than any company in the world because we truly are ‘zealous about great [...]

ZAGG iFrogz Acquisition

Explosive Details on ZAGG’s $105M Acquisition of iFrogz

It’s not very often that we go buying up companies, but we did it yesterday. ZAGG’s acquisition of iFrogz for $105 million means many wonderful things. First, some explosive details. No joking… EXPLOSIVE! By $105 million, we mean that ZAGG buys all outstanding iFrogz stock for $50 million cash, 4.4 million restricted shares of ZAGG [...]

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