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Photography Accessory Review: Cheeky Lime Bags

Looking for a gift that will make your girl the talk of the town this Christmas?  Check out these gorgeous, functional, and spacious camera bags brought to you by Cheeky Lime.  My favorite part about my bag is the quality.  Every single detail was thought out and executed with precision. The mustard yellow bag comes adorned with a [...]


Battlefield 3, Experience the Physical Battlefield

Winner of over 60 industry awards.  Battlefield 3 is jam packed with epic destruction, sprawling conflict zones, strategic deep and varied team play, and an awesome array of drivable vehicles.  Brought to you by the new Frostbite 2 engine taking you as close to the action without being deployed as possible. The game offers nine [...]

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What’s your Path?

Have you checked out Path?  It is a super exclusive app that you only share with your closest buds. In fact, you can only add up to 150 friends to your network. If you’re ever worried your photos aren’t facebook or instagram worthy fret no more.  Users can take simple photos of small accomplishments or [...]

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Polaroid Photos from an iPhone?

Check out this visionary concept for the iPhone. It’s brought to you by designer Mac Funamizu.  The latest version of this case is called the Sophie.  It is pure genius!  It prints photos just like a Polaroid.  It can also print geo tagged map locations and QR codes. I love all things vintage, so I [...]


Water For Christmas, Shop with a Purpose!

Water for Christmas is an Esty shop that donates proceeds to clean water projects in Sierra Leone, West Africa. If you are an Esty shopper, or feel like getting that warm fuzzy feeling when you shop make sure you stop by and visit its page. They are located in Del Mar,  California and have over 100 [...]


Smule plans to Buy Khush

Smule, creators of top selling iOS apps such as Magic Piano, I Am T-Pain, and Ocarina, recently declared that they intend to purchase Khush. Khush created LaDiDa and Songify. It is unclear how much Smule is shelling out to acquire Khush, but it appears that both companies are more interested in blending the two companies than actually killing off Khush. [...]


‘Tis the season for killer deals on cameras: Here’s a $99 Nikon!

Tis the season for killer deals on cameras!!! Check out this Nikon L105 12.1 Megapixel Camera for a screaming $99 brought to you by Target . Comes fully loaded with all the essentials such as; Image Stabilization to reduce blur, D-Lighting to boost your photos right on your camera, the awesome and futuristic Face Detection [...]

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Photojojo iPhone Lens Dial

Check out this killer new accessory for your iPhone brought to you by Photojojo. There have been oodles of lens kits that have been released for the iPhone camera but this little gem the iPhone Camera Lens Dial case is one worth talking about. Let’s be honest having multiple lens is awesome, but trying to keep track [...]

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Turn Paper into Pencils

Over at Yank Designs they are spinning paper into pencils. Ever feel guilty about how much office paper you are continually throwing out?  Well this stylish P&P Office Waste Paper Processor is here to eliminate that!  The machine converts all those hundreds of sheets of useless paper into pencils!  You insert paper from one end and out pops a perfectly [...]


Pinterest turns 2!

2 years ago this Thanksgiving, Pinterest was born!  This year on Thanksgiving, co-founder  Ben Silbermann sent a thank you email to his entire user base. Pinterest, which wasn’t an overnight success, has certainly caught on like wildfire in the last year. Between Oct 2010 to Oct 2011, Pinterest’s traffic went from 40,000 to 3.2 million monthly [...]

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