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Instagram Officially Announces Ads Showing Up In Your Feed

Today, on Instagram’s blog, under the title “Instagram as a Growing Business,”  it was announced that ads will begin showing up in our feeds. Claiming that Instagram has big plans for the future, they’ve stated that it’s time to make a sustainable business. This means advertisers will be allowed to pay to have their content [...]

Hulu+ ChromeCast

Hulu Plus Is Now Available On Chromecast

The wait is over. Hulu Plus joins the lineup of apps available to stream on Chromecast. Now you can stream all of your favorite shows from select TV networks, as well as movies straight to your TV with the Chromecast device. Hulu Plus joins YouTube and Netflix as streamable services through Chromecast, as well as Internet [...]


Here’s How The New Instagram Design Compares To The Old One [Side-By-Side Photos]

Today, Instagram released an update to conform to Apple’s iOS 7 look. To make it feel more “at home on your phone” Instagram has streamlined their design to make images larger and content really stand out. About the update, Instagram says, With the introduction of iOS 7 and its emphasis on clarity, we were excited [...]

M7 Apple Processor Keynote

The iPhone 5s Features The A7 And M7 Processors — Here’s What You Need To Know About Them

During Apple’s keynote announcement on September 10th of the new iPhones, discussion was made about the worlds first 64 Bit processor placed in a smart phone. Meet the A7 chip. With over a billion transistors, the A7 is twice as fast as the A6 chip. Not only are the graphics faster with the A7 processor, [...]

Tinder Pick-Up Lines

Striking out with your pickup lines on Tinder? Here’s 10 lines that were tweeted that may help you find that special someone. [View the story "10 Pickup Lines People Have Used On Tinder" on Storify] 10 Pickup Lines People Have Used On Tinder Here are 10 of best/cheesy pickup lines I’ve found via Twitter to [...]


How To Record A Vine Hands Free With An iPhone

Chances are you’ve seen the above Vine, or Vines like it, where you wonder how the user created a portion of the Vine without touching their screen. Here’s a few steps to get you recording Vines hands-free. On an iPhone open your Settings app. Once you’re in, go to General -> Accessibility -> Assistive Touch [...]


Review: Plants Vs Zombies 2: “It’s About Time”

A few months ago, I posted about my excitement over Popcap’s release of Plants Vs Zombies 2. Well, it’s here and it was worth the wait. The tag line “It’s About Time” has a double meaning. We’ve had to wait over 4 years for Popcap to release PvZ 2 and the game really is about [...]


Contra, The Hit Nintendo Game, Is Now Available For iOS

Contra is back! Konami released Contra: Evolution [iPhone App] [iPad App], an updated homage to the 1988 Nintendo smash hit. The game layout is practically the same, but the graphics have been upgraded to the 21st century style we’ve become so spoiled with. After playing it for a few minutes, you will realize that it’s [...]


5 Features That Make Google+ Awesome For Sharing Photos [VIDEO]

Google wants Google+ to be the go-to place to share photos online. Below, watch a Google Product Manager discusses five features that make Google+ a great place to share your photos:


Create Flip Books And Photo Albums With Everlapse

Everlapse, from the creators of Seesaw, is a new flip book style app that lets you collaborate your photos with friends to create “clips”. You can use it three ways, as suggested by Evernote’s App description: Flip books: Make stop-motion clips of friends skateboarding. Keep a record of your best looks with a daily selfie [...]

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