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The 5 Must-Have Gadgets For College

You need to pack a ton of stuff for college. Here’s 5 things you must have to help get you started. 1. A Light, Fast, and Beautiful Computer The 13″ MacBook Air is the best computer I’ve ever owned, and mine isn’t even the latest generation. It weighs less than 3 pounds (about the same [...]


Double Robot Lets You Go Everywhere From Your iPad

Ever wanted to go to the Louvre, but couldn’t afford it? Double Robotics has a device that one day might get you a little bit closer. The company created a kit they call Double that turns your iPad into a “telepresence robot.” That means you can see through the iPad’s camera, control the device, look [...]

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3 Years Later, You Can Finally Delete Your Facebook Pictures

You know you’ve been there. You wake up one morning, get on your computer and groggily log into Facebook and wake up instantly when you see those, well,¬†unglamorous pictures from the night before. Texts From Last Night has made an entire business out of that moment. What happens next is you go to delete the [...]

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Twitter Founders Launch 3rd Act: Medium

The Obvious Corporation (most well known as the original parent company of Twitter) has announced their latest gig: a new company called Medium. While the Internet has brought incredible distribution of content to the world, the quality level of that content has lagged dramatically behind. Medium hopes to change that. The idea is to provide [...]


5 Ways the iPhone Changed Your World

With the likely soon-to-be announced new iPhone approaching, I’m wearing this shirt today: I worked as an Apple retail employee when the original iPhone launched on June 29, 2007 (the most fun I’ve ever had in a day’s work, ever) and those were the shirts we wore. I still have the two I was given. [...]


The Most Beautiful Desk $750 Can Buy

If you love ZAGG, then some of the following are probably true about you: You love beautiful and simple products You expect your gadgets to just work; no hassle or fuss required. Wires are your nemesis. They should all be hidden or, ideally, eliminated. You tell your friends about Kickstarter projects to make yourself cool. [...]


5 Apps To Use During The Olympics

With women’s soccer preliminaries underway and the opening Olympic ceremony this Friday, the games are about to begin! And in this wonderful Internet age of social media, we have more options than ever on watching the Olympics, staying up-to-date, and learning more about the athletes who represent their respective countries. Here are 5 apps that [...]


How To Watch The Olympics Online For Free

Short version: Go here and put in your cable username and password. That’s it. Long version: We’re finally in a mass Twitter and social media age. While there are still plenty of people who aren’t into social media and the Internet, it is no longer the default. In fact, this is probably the first Summer [...]


5 Things The iPhone Made Us Forget

The iPhone was released a mere 5 years ago, but it’s already changed our lives dramatically. Putting a computer in a person’s pocket with 24/7 access to the Internet changes behavior in ways that even Steve Jobs probably couldn’t have imagined. Thanks to our iPhones we now have access to literally hundreds of devices in [...]

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Was Your Password Hacked?

Password databases are getting hacked all the time these days, or at least it feels like. You might have recently read that Yahoo! lost over 450,000 unencrypted passwords. Sony had 77 million accounts breached in 2011, with over 1 million password without any cryptographic protection. A few months ago even the state of Utah had [...]

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