Automate your internet using @ifttt

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could change your Twitter profile picture whenever you change your Facebook profile picture? What about if you could receive a text every morning telling you the temperature before you step out in the cold unprepared? Ifttt (if this then that) is a service that allows you to connect many different services to complete such tasks. With 18 different channels and a combination of 1,728 different tasks there is surely something there that can save you time in dealing with social media or services on the internet.

To create these different tasks you first link a channel to your existing online accounts and provide it with a this action. Then we did decide what it is going to happen once the this action occurs and then link it with a that action.

An example of a task goes like this. I made it so that whenever I upload a picture to Instagram it will automatically download my picture to my Dropbox account in a Instagram folder. This makes it very easy to backup my pictures as well as save me time.

Since there are so many different combinations it might be hard to think of what you can use this service for. You can check out the Recipes tab to see what other users have already created. It is easy for you to then create the tasks as one of your own. You can also search for an existing recipe as well as find out popular tasks.

Each task can be customized in many ways depending on what capabilities the service allows you to use. I found the use of hashtags very helpful in allowing me to update my status to multiple social networks right from Google Chat.

After using the service for a week I have found it very helpful and a big time saver in many ways. Sometimes I forget which tasks I have created and am surprised when something has been automatically completed for me.

Setting up an account is easy and you will be up and running in only a matter of minutes. What tasks will you be setting up?

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