Available Now: ‘Square’ Credit Card Reader for iOS & Android

Remember this scenario? Well, another device and system is available now for all latest iOS and Android devices that can make paying the babysitter even more amazing…or draining. The system is called simply ‘Square’ and should change the way we transact money.

The system features a card reader that is plugged into the audio jack of your device. When the free ‘Square’ app is launched, you are able swipe any major credit card (Visa, American Express, MasterCard & Discover) in the reader and make a transaction. Simple, right? ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah,’ you say though, ‘there has got to be hidden fees, monthly fees, limit fees, etc. fees, etc..’ Well, from what I can tell, not really. The company boasts that there are no monthly fees, only a 2.75% fee that goes into their pocket every time you have a card swiped. ‘What about the reader?’ you ask  in excited, but nervous anticipation. That, my friends, is only $9.95 and is available now on Apple’s Online store.

I personally was blown away by the program and its details. The Serve program from Amex (sorry family member who works at American Express) seemed complicated, walled and costly. Obviously an attempt to get all they can out of emerging technology. This seems like a more simple approach: you swipe the card, deduct the amount, they sign on the screen and a receipt is emailed. It’s a system ‘for the future’ using existing elements. Where to use it though? Obviously employees on the go, craft fairs, booths, concessions, and even Craigslist transactions seem probable.

What do you think though? Will this be revolutionary or simply a fad? Are you getting one? What are you using it for? Sound off in the comments…

Sources: TUAW.com and Squareup.com

Image Source: Apple.com

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