Go Green With This Bamboo Smartphone

Yes, you read that correctly, a smartphone has been created from Bamboo. Well sort of. A Chinese manufacturer called AD, will be releasing this creative smartphone hopefully by the end of this year or beginning of 2013, starting the release in London.

But why bamboo you ask? Kieron-Scott Woodhouse, the creator of this organic phone, chose Bamboo because it is very fast growing, sustainable and could be locally sourced from China where the phone is being manufactured. In addition, AD was able to find a way to treat the wood to be as durable as plastic. The bamboo currently in use on the prototypes has been treated for four year to improve its strength and obeys EU regulations on sustainability.

ADzero, as the phone is being called, is half the weight of the iPhone, with a larger screen and runs on Google’s Android operating system Ice Cream Sandwich. It also has a ring flash camera that surrounds the lens for even illumination and shadow reduction.  As rumored, the company plans to sell these incredible phones at design-focused retailers and specialty boutiques. There has been no releases yet on pricing but I can only imagine them being on the higher end of the scale.

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