Bath Ball Speaker: Take your iPhone into the shower with you safely

Sometimes shower time is thinking to myself time. Other times, I like to listen to podcasts. I’ve always worried that the iPhone would get damaged from the steam in the bathroom.

Ontama – Bathball

Coming out of Japan is the Ontama. It’s a small round speaker and case. It plays the sound from your MP3 players and protects them from the splash or steam of the shower.

The description says (Google translation):

Please note that hereafter in this way of goods, the use of batteries or power does not and is not completely waterproof, so, locked in the bathroom has been dropped in the water or not, please put inside the losing player or smart phone Size.

Obviously this means it would be a bad idea to attempt to take it into the tub and float it while you bathe.

Korean Reviews

Also this reviewer points out (Google translation):

Uncomfortable there … And, um, iPhone is smaller if output size properly you will hear ten thousand iPod touch If you noticed had a feeling that bored within nature after an accident in the operation will not be able to put to change the song because it is difficult

A great point I hadn’t thought of… Once you’ve placed your iPhone or iPod into the Ontama, changing the song or podcast will be very difficult. Make sure the playlist you select will be one that will keep you entertained your entire shower.

Image and text source: Rakuten

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