BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) Coming To iOS And Android This Summer

While many of us would have appreciated this news a few years ago, it seems Canadian mobile phone maker BlackBerry is finally bringing BBM, their instant messaging platform, to both iOS and Android in just a few short months. BlackBerry Messenger has previously been proprietary, only working from one BlackBerry device to another, via a PIN number. Users could freely give out their PINs without having to give their actual phone number, email address or other personally identifiable information.

There are already a handful of great messaging apps out there that have gained tremendous momentum and solidified their position at the top of the charts. For iOS users, iMessage comes included with every iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, right out of the box. For Android users, Google Talk comes included on every device, right out of the box. In addition to those, there are other popular services like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber and Kik that have attracted millions of users. Is there a place for BBM, the once-king of the messaging hill? Only time will tell.

You can view the full announcement on BlackBerry’s website, here.


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