Belkin previews the WeMo Light Switch for automated lighting

Gotta love all of the data and home automation that is popping up and being announced at CES. Belkin has a WeMo line that I’ve reviewed in the past. The WeMo lines include Baby Monitors, Motion Sensors, Control Switches, and now they’ve added a light switch.

WeMo Light Switch

You can control your light switch via an app or the web. In fact, you can even use IFTTT to turn your lights on and off.

The switch looks like a switch, and should work with essentially any existing light switch in most modern homes. It can be managed from the existing WeMo iOS app that’s available for iPhone and iPad devices, which means you’ll be able to easily add them to your existing WeMo setup.

They don’t have Android support yet, but they’re hoping to have it ready in the summer.

For $49 it seems like a killer feature to add to your more and more automated home.

Joshua Howland

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