Best Fridge Magnet Ever Orders Pizza with the Press of a Button

Brilliant idea: A fridge magnet with a button that instantly orders pizza for you.

“So next time you’re hungry, just open the box, push the button and we’ll bring your Red Tomato favorite direct to your door, lickety-split.”

Sadly, most of us can’t use this wonderful fridge magnet because the service is provided by Red Tomato Pizza — in Dubai.

One-click ordering is important

An brilliant idea like this needs to be adopted by other pizza companies.

Why? When you’re hungry, you want to get your food ASAP.

In the 1960‘s Batman TV series, Commisioner Gorder had the Bat-phone, a dedicated phone line that went straight to Batman.

Like crime, hunger can’t wait for you to punch in a bunch of numbers.

Automating the ordering process should also enable employees to spend less time taking orders in order to spend more time making pizzas.

Other awesome food + technology inventions

The pizza fridge magnet isn’t the only brilliant technology invention we’ve seen for food. Here are some of our favorites:

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[via Slashgear]

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