BlackBerry Writes A Letter To The World: You Can Count On Us


You’ve undoubtedly seen the headlines: “BlackBerry Shares Slide“, “BlackBerry’s Latest Death Spiral“, “How the BlackBerry Died“, “BlackBerry Market Share Plunges“, and on and on. It’s true: what once was a prospering $76 billion dollar company is now laying off 4,500 employees, seeing others leave for rivals like Apple and Samsung, consolidating operations, restructuring management, and entertaining buyout offers from just about anyone willing.

BlackBerry knows all of this. They read the news, too. Tomorrow, they’re publishing a letter with more than 30 news outlets in 9 different countries attempting to reassure their customers, partners and fans that they can continue to count on BlackBerry. The letter leaked early via All Things D, and you can read it in its entirety below.



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