BlackBerry Users: Is it time to let go?

The BlackBerry has long been the king of mobile devices when it comes to business. Nothing has been able to quite compare to its security, its battery life and the ease of typing on that famous full QWERTY keyboard. But, is the iPhone catching up? Recent examples say “yes,” the most loved personal mobile device is slowly worming its way into the hearts and pockets of businessmen and women worldwide.

Here are a few reasons to ditch the BlackBerry for good and jump aboard the good old iPhone train:

The iPhone’s security is getting better and better. Long behind the BlackBerry, the iPhone is beginning to make more significant strides when it comes to security, a feature that has reinforced businesses to stay with the BlackBerry for some time. Back in 2008 when OS 3.0 was released, the iPhone stepped up its security game by adding the remote wipe and remote lock features and has continued to make additional security tweaks since then with hopefully more in the future.

The iPhone has more recent and comprehensive updates. iPhone users have come to expect what BlackBerry users have never gotten – frequent and feature packed software updates. Although BlackBerry users do enjoy some regular updates, they are usually fairly insignificant. Why wouldn’t you want a phone that continues to get better and better for free?

The iPhone is a one-stop shop. Gone are the days of harware being the be all and end all when it comes to choosing a personal device. Now software is where it’s at. The iPhone is all about simplicity. The settings section is easy to navigate and set up so your phone is just how you want it. Thousands upon thousands of apps are available at a single touch. According to an article in The Telegraph last week, “the bottom line is, every day that the App store continues to grow, BlackBerry falls further behind.”

Do you use a BlackBerry? Would you say goodbye? Or, have you used a Blackberry in the past? Why did you let go?

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