SlashGear Reviews BlackBerry Z10

The BlackBerry Z10 was unveiled last week, and the fine folks at SlashGear already have a fairly comprehensive review ready and waiting for you. If you’ve been eager to hear how the Canadian company’s latest smartphone stacks up, here’s a few highlights:

- “It’s not a bad design, per se, just an uninspired one.”

- “Inside, it’s business pretty much as usual for a modern smartphone, with BlackBerry ticking most of the important boxes.”

- “Peek is one of those features that, initially, makes perfect sense…”

- “Actually replying to messages is a solid experience, even without the traditional BlackBerry physical keyboard to rely upon.”

- “[about the camera] …as you might expect the Z10 puts in a pictorial showing that’s also pretty much par for the course.”

View the full review from SlashGear, here.


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