Ladies: Now There’s a Bra That Tweets When It’s Unhooked


It seems like everything is digitally connected these days. Samsung has a washer and dryer with WiFi that pairs to your smartphone. Belkin makes light switches and wall outlets that you can control remotely, even when you’re not home. Many newer model vehicles don’t just have navigation, but complete infotainment systems connected to the cloud. As if we needed more, now there’s a bra that tweets every time it’s unhooked.

However, the tweeting bra isn’t just a gimmick. (Okay, maybe a little). It’s intended to remind women to do a monthly self check breast exam. Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it only makes sense. There’s some cool Bluetooth Low Energy tech sewn into the clasp that pairs with you smartphone in order to send the tweet. You can check out @tweetingbra on Twitter or their website for more information.


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  • Shotgundad

    Could also be used when our daughters start dating….Tweet Dad if…..

  • notworthittech

    Yeah, the em field will make that breast exam more necessary.