So You Don’t Have To: This $0.99 iPhone App Will Send A Breakup Text For You

I stumbled across this app this morning (completely by accident, mind you) and it made me laugh. If you ever find yourself needing to end a relationship via text message, cough up $0.99 and the BreakupText app (App Store Link) will craft a crafty text to end your turmoil. I particularly like the part about being eaten by a bear.

[App Store Link]


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  • Don Austen

    This has got to be, hands down, the stupidest app ever written.

  • Custnam

    And I thought breaking up by text was bad.

  • Sea18era

    Thats just sad

  • Guest

    so cold so wrong, but funny if it’s not you.

  • Gail Dolson

    This is the problem with the digital age- people forgot how to communicate verbally face to fave with another human- and when only verbal communication is correct- This app is crazy!