British Prime Minister’s Life to Get Easier With Custom iPad App

Running a country is hard. That’s probably why so few people are successful at doing it while keeping the people happy. But politics aside, I think we can all agree that this use of the iPad is awesome.

Current British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has commissioned a personalized iPad app built by government programmers to provide him with updated information that will help him lead the country. The application will provide such data as crime statistics, unemployment numbers, homeland security issues, and more. The custom app will also show headlines from Google, Twitter, and a number of news publications so that Cameron can keep tabs on current affairs.

PC Magazine notes that he doesn’t likely use the iPad for e-mail, as the Prime Minister prefers hand-written notes and SMS text messages to e-mail.

iPads have become the tablet of choice for many world leaders. President Barack Obama has been seen with an iPad 2 (rumored to have been given directly by Steve Jobs), as well as a number of US Senators and Congressmen.

The custom programmed app is expected to be ready in March.

Source: PC Magazine

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