Will the Next iPhone Come in These 5 Colors? [Gallery]

There’s long been talk about a budget model iPhone, which many in the tech blogosphere have dubbed the “iPhone Lite”. It’ll be targeted at emerging markets and prepaid services with lower income demographics, the rumors say.

But what would such a budget iPhone look like, exactly? We’ve got what intends to be high-resolution photos of the outside shell of this mythical device, courtesy of Sonny Dickson on Twitter. They show five colors: pink, blue, green, yellow, and white (which isn’t really a color at all, but I digress…).

As you can likely tell from the photos (we can’t confirm their authenticity, so take this all with a grain of salt), the budget model iPhone would revert back to the days of the iPhone 3G /3Gs and use plastic for its exterior, instead of the metal and glass we’ve gotten used to since the iPhone 4.

What do you think? Would you be interested in a lower cost iPhone? Remember the old adage: you get what you pay for. Let me know on Twitter: @mbchp.


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  • Kay

    I do like color, but like my iphone 5

  • Randy

    Those are clearly films on the device! What a waste of my time!

  • andy

    @Randy, Obviously films, but they appear to be clear films to me. My black iPhone came with a clear film on it to protect it from scratches in the box (and probably during assembly too).

    • Randy

      (Andy) -Looking at the pictures from my computer now rather than my iPhone…I can see the clear edging now as well. Nice catch.

  • Jet

    clearly they’re just films, maybe zagg should look into developing their invisishield to be less invisible, colored shields would interest my and my family. Especially if there were a wider variety. I do not like the bulk added by the plastic covers so a shield with color or a design would be cool.

  • Michelle

    Those would be bad choices of colour if iPhone does decide to go colour…

    • bearcatnat

      Actually, brights and neons are very trendy colors right now in fashion and the design world. These would appeal to young people, which would be a large part of the demographic I imagine. I don’t want a cheaper iPhone – I’m perfectly content with my older model iPhone 4, which is made really well.

      • Tangwang

        I don’t think puke green or salmon pink is extremely trendy among the younger demographics, I would know because I’m one of them, these look like Chinese badly made iPod touch replicas, I’ve seen these here before.

  • Anonymous

    Randy, you are an idiot and your time is worthless anyway.

  • easyed34

    I hope those look better in real life. Especially the green.

  • AleQQ

    Could have at least properly applied those films. Bubbles galore…

  • Johnny Adair

    my my….
    yes, there are film covers, but they are clearly…..clear……who cares…if u don’t like it, then for heaven sake, don’t buy it…..it was stated, as an option !

  • ggSTORY

    hey does it come with PODONGA?


    I would like color of PODONGA!!!!

  • uhublue

    Obviously these photos are fake because Apple uses white or silver for their logo and not black. Nice try, better luck next time.

    • JoBob

      Except on the iPad…and the iPhone 5…

  • @AustinMahone


  • Danno

    Anyone notice the background colour is seen through the camera hole. it appears that these are only covers for an I phone. You can probably buy them down at Wal Mart.

  • Julie

    Wouldn’t be so bad if you couldn’t see all the bubbles of the film. I prefer having a protective colored jacket around mine. It curves around the edges of the face so it protects the glass if it falls. I got a lime green one with black edging through Belkin and I really like it. It doesn’t add any bulk to the iPhone 5.