Buy an Audi, Get a Facebook

Apparently Audi fans are all over Facebook these days. In a recent study, Audi fans came out loads ahead of everyone else in terms of their page interaction. The study measures how many “likes” each brand got compared to the amount of customers. On average, businesses and brands get around 90-100 likes per 100,000 followers. Audi however, absolutely blasted all of the competition. They received over 228 per 100,000 followers. The next closest page was that for pint-sized singer Justin Bieber.

Artists get the highest number of likes for their posts, but for some reason Audi topped them all. W hat does it mean exactly? That is not sure, as even the CEO of Visibli, the company who conducted the study, was not sure how Audi managed to come out so far ahead on the list. I’m sure that Justin Bieber is launching a full-scale counterattack in order to regain his status as #1. Bieber does have some ground to cover, as he only received an average of 181 likes, nearly 50 behind Audi.

So, if you are an Audi owner, you best move on to Facebook ASAP. I checked out the Audi page and they do a pretty decent job of engaging their fans. Nothing out of the ordinary though, so I guess I’ll just chalk up their place atop the rankings as some unknown and unspoken connection between Audi fans. Kind of like how Prius drivers wave and say “Hey, A Prius” whenever they pass one of their fellow eco-friendly drivers.

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