Can Angry Birds Resurrect the PlayBook?

The PlayBook has not been hit it was hoping for wth its low hardware sales. Tonight I saw it at Staples for only $199, this is a drop from its original price of $499. The tablet had the specs and the potential to be great but its beginning price and lack of apps made it less of a real competitor. Wednesday Rovio released all 3 of its Angry Birds apps on the PlayBook. This is great news for owners who have been waiting for some popular games to come to the tablet.

The major fault I do find is that each app costs $4.99. If you have not bought the game before on other devices this price may not seem like lots of money. On all other app markets they offer at least a free version so that you can try out the game which is not offered on the PlayBook.

EA has been one of the few developers that has worked hard to get high quality apps to the PlayBook but they as well have a hefty price. With the amount of devices sold it makes sense to have the high prices so they can actually make some money. Will this help the popularity of the PlayBook when Amazon is offering many more apps and a more functionality with the Kindle Fire? With the estimated sales of how many Fire’s have been sold already it is pretty safe to say RIM’s play didn’t win the game.

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